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Celebrates 26 Years At AGM...

by Nancy Bremner, CDO, Volunteer, And Resident Of Pinawa


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On June 17th the Community Futures Winnipeg River based in Lac du Bonnet held their 26th annual general meeting. In attendance were at least 80 people comprised of board members, past board members, regional partners and the annual award winners and their families.


Pinawa Councillor Clay McMurren Chairperson for the CFWR by Pinawa CDC NB

Pinawa Councillor Clay McMurren Chairperson for the CFWR


Community Futures Winnipeg River (CFWR) is dedicated to community economic development.  Their services have helped entrepreneurs start new businesses and create employment, and have helped organizations improve the economic and social conditions of their communities.


CFWR Executive Director Sharalyn Reitlo by Pinawa CDC NB

CFWR Executive Director Sharalyn Reitlo


"2013 was a challenging year for CFWR" stated the current Executive Director, Sharalyn Reitlo, "as the past Executive Director, Mary Greber, retired.  Another Executive Director was hired on a six-month trial basis but the Board decided to go in another direction.  The Business Development Coordinator Michelle Wazny resigned to take on a new employment opportunity and they also faced financial challenges which challenged the Board to make a decision to downsize for a 1 year term."


Chairperson Clay McMurren looks on while Michelle Wazny gets a hug from Sharalyn Reitlo by Pinawa CDC NB

Chairperson Clay McMurren looks on while Michelle Wazny gets a hug from Sharalyn Reitlo


Despite the downsize staff maintained a high volume and quality of service delivery in all areas.  Some of their highlights in the past year are: 

  • 683 business services provided to 157 clients which resulted in 23 new businesses, 31 jobs, and $409,031 leveraged from other funding sources.
  • 5 loans were provided for a total value of $230,585.  Lending services resulted in 5 new/expanded businesses; 7 full-time and 6 part-time jobs; and 4292,450 leveraged.
  • community economic development services provided assistance to 35 projects, 19 community-based plans and leveraged $112,808.


The highlight of the evening after the business aspect of the AGM was the Annual Award Presentations. It was a true pleasure to hear about their accomplishments.



HPI Customs Inc.


The Business of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding efforts of local businesspeople.  The recipients of this award embody all of the positive attributes of an entrepreneur including determination and enthusiasm for the development of their business.  With a focus on future growth, the business must have prospered over time and they must maintain a commitment to the community through local investment, community involvement, and community support.


Glen Dudyk of the RM of Beausejour presented the award to Tyler and Dawn Scarfe.

HPI Customs Inc. Tyler Scarfe thanks CFWR for making this possible by Pinawa CDC

HPI Customs Inc. Tyler Scarfe thanks CFWR for making this possible.


The recipient of the 2013 Business of the Year Award is HPI Customs Inc., operated by Tyler and Dawn Scarfe out of the RM of Brokenhead.  HPI Customs has been in operation since July 2009, initially as a home based business which later moved to the Industrial Park in Beausejour and finally to their home in the RM of Brokenhead in 2012. HPI Customs is one of Manitoba’s premiere hot rod shops; they build, restore and redesign classic and vintage automobiles. They also have a fabrication division and have designed a chassis frame kit that they have sold to customers in the USA and as far away as Norway.


With assistance from Community Futures Winnipeg River, HPI Customs was able to access funding and establish their business at their current location in the RM of Brokenhead. HPI Customs combines extensive project planning and custom design work with high quality craftsmanship and superior products to provide the customer with the custom car of their dreams. 


HPI Customs has been established in the industry as world class. Cars they have built, have been invited to attend the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, which is the biggest car show in the world. Their cars have also won awards at the World of Wheels in Winnipeg. In fact, every car built by HPI that has been entered into shows has won awards, putting not only HPI, but Beausejour-Brokenhead, as well on the map as a place of world class work.


Cars built by HPI Customs have been featured in local newspapers as well as national publications as far away as Finland and recently they were named number two in Popular Hot Rod Magazine’s Seventeen of the Baddest Rides from SEMA 2013. Tyler has also won the young builder award at the Rodarama show in Winnipeg and was named one of the Top 35 Builders under 35 in the World, which is an amazing accomplishment for HPI and the community they are so proud to call home.  



Recreation Opportunities for Children Eastman Inc.


The Community Initiative Award is given annually to a community organization in recognition of their outstanding efforts, initiative and commitment in undertaking a community-driven project focused on improving the social and economic well being of our communities.


MLA Wayne Ewasko speaking at the CFWR AGM by Pinawa CDC NB

MLA Wayne Ewasko speaking at the CFWR AGM

Wayne Ewasko presenting the Community Initiative Award to ROCE by Pinawa CDC NB

Wayne Ewasko presenting the Community Initiative Award to ROCE


Community Futures Winnipeg River (CFWR) is pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the Community Initiative Award is Recreation Opportunities for Children Eastman Inc. (ROC). ROC is a non-profit, charitable, regionally based organization whose programs and services cover eastern Manitoba. 


ROC Eastman’s vision is to give every child a chance to experience the benefits of meaningful recreation and, in doing so, foster better lives and build healthier communities. Their mission is to provide services to children, who live in Eastman and experience barriers to recreation opportunities, by facilitating access to resources.  With help from teachers, family resource centres and other service organizations, ROC finds the children and youth that face the most barriers to participation and have the least opportunities to engage in meaningful activities. ROC engages families in the comfort of their own homes and walks with them to learn what each child is interested in.  ROC covers registration fees, equipment and transportation costs to ensure each child has a chance of being included and finding self-worth through an activity they love.  ROC also spends time showing families how to continue supporting their children's participation without ROC and why it's so important in their development. 


ROC Eastman began in 2009 as one of three pilot projects of Manitoba Family Services and Labour’s Job Connections Program. In 2012 ROC Eastman became a registered nonprofit corporation and in May 2013 became a registered Canadian Charity. 27 children from low income families currently receive assistance with registration fees, equipment and transportation for various recreational activities. 68 children have received assistance through ROC to date. Board plans are to continue to grow the agency and its services to allow more children to participate.


CFWR has been a proud partner in ROC Eastman’s journey by providing guidance and assistance at key stages of organizational development and growth. When the pilot project was first announced, CFWR led a series of facilitated planning sessions to get the group and project organized. 


The pilot ran for three years, and in 2011 the Committee began planning for a permanent organizational structure so their important work would continue. CFWR educated the group on processes in becoming both a nonprofit organization and a registered charity. Further consultation was provided to ensure governing documents such as constitution, bylaws, strategic plan, and policies were developed, and that key elements such as teamwork, communication, decision making, and training were planned for.  


The Eastman ROC team of board, staff and volunteers are passionate and highly committed to their mission.  Community Futures Winnipeg River is proud to work with this group and glad to have contributed to their current and future success.



Melissa Haywood

Kids Come First


The Self Employment Award recognizes entrepreneurs who have participated in the Self Employment Program and who have demonstrated above average effort and success during their year on the program.  Success is not only based on the financial bottom line, but more importantly on the achievement of set goals, and the innovation, judgement and skill used in dealing with obstacles along the way.  The award also takes into account their participation level and interactions with their Self Employment counsellor. 


Dennis Smook MLA La Verendrye presenting the Self Employment Award to Melissa Haywood by Pinawa CDC NB

Dennis Smook MLA La Vérendrye presenting the Self Employment Award to Melissa Haywood.


The 2013 recipient of the Self Employment Award is Melissa Haywood of Kids Come First, a kid’s clothing, equipment and toy store located in the town of Beausejour. 


Kids Come First offers gently used kid’s clothing, toys and equipment, along with maternity clothing, gifts, balloons, candy and more. The store is unique in Beausejour since it offers customers the option of bringing in their own gently used items in exchange for store credit.


With assistance from Community Futures Winnipeg River and the Self Employment Program, Melissa was able to develop a comprehensive business plan which enabled her to get the business up and running. She then attended workshops on PST/GST and a 3 Day Manitoba Business Start Program, which provided her with valuable information for running a business.


Kids Come First officially opened for business on May 4, 2013 and has been very busy over the past year. Melissa currently works full-time in the business and has 2 part-time employees. Her daughter, Ashley has also been helping with the business right from the start and continues to volunteer her time for Kids Come First.


Kids Come First is well known throughout Beausejour and the surrounding areas as an affordable option for children’s clothing and accessories. To promote the business, Melissa has a Facebook page specifically for Kids Come First which showcases different items available for sale at the store. She has found this has been a good way to reach potential customers and she currently has 566 members on her Facebook page.


Melissa is passionate about the business, and being a mother herself she knows how expensive it can be to purchase brand new clothes, toys and equipment for kids, so she is happy to provide an affordable option for families in Beausejour and the surrounding areas.



Barry Cyr


The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented annually to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions made by a local resident to the community economic development efforts of their community or the region.  The Board of Directors of Community Futures Winnipeg River selects the award recipient from nominations that are received from Municipal Councils, Chambers of Commerce, Community Development Corporations, and other non-profit community groups.  Recipients of this award will have demonstrated initiative and leadership and contributed significant time and service to their community on a volunteer basis.


Barry Cyr of Pine Falls Volunteer of the Year Award photo by Pinawa CDC NB

Barry Cyr of Pine Falls Volunteer of the Year Award.  Barry kindly thanked his wife "To my wife Marilyn who had to bring my dinner to the arena. She must've thought I was still up north in Saskatchewan!"


The recipient of this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award is Barry Cyr of the Town of Powerview-Pine Falls.  Barry was nominated by several local groups including the Sunova Centre Board of Directors, the Town of Powerview-Pine Falls, the Pine Falls Curling Club, and Minor Hockey. 


In October 2013 stakeholders of the Pine Falls Rink and Curling Club were informed by the Town Council the facility would not be open for families and community for the 2013/14 season. Barry Cyr was instrumental in immediately coordinating and leading a group of community members to prepare a proposal to Town council to take over responsibility for the operations, maintenance and financial performance of the entire facility. This group came to be known as the Sunova Centre Board of Directors.


Under Barry’s leadership the Board in 2013/14 was able to introduce substantial facility physical upgrades, find ways to increase revenue, introduce dramatic cost saving measures and increase community access to the facility.  Numerous hockey tournaments and curling bonspiels were held in the facility resulting in large economic benefits to the local businesses. The facility had a renewed sense of community pride as it was filled with visiting teams every weekend. Almost everyone shared positive comments on how the building taken on a whole new look and energy. It was a real source of local pride.


This achievement was only possible through the leadership and day to day commitment from Barry Cyr. He essentially lived at the facility this past season in what was to be the start of a restful retirement. He coordinated over 2000 volunteer hours dedicated to making the facility better.


Everyone in the community is incredibly grateful to Barry for everything he did to ensure the facility and the activities it hosts were available to families and visitors.  Barry showed that its operation could be sustainable for decades to come. The loss of this facility would have been another great to the loss to the community and Barry prevented this. His efforts ensured that important physical and social activity options such as minor hockey, skating and curling were available.


The Board of Community Futures Winnipeg River, along with the nominators, believe that Barry Cyr and his efforts truly exemplify the qualities and attributes deserving of this worthwhile award.



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