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Celebrating Earth Day on April 22

From Winnipeg to Stuttgart

Feedback Shapes Draft Statement

2010 National Worship Conference

One Community Project

CLWR Sets New Course

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Upcoming Events:

April 18-25: Earth Week

April 22-25: Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod Convention, Winnipeg, MB

May 13-16: British Columbia Synod Convention, Victoria, BC


1. How will you celebrate Earth Day on April 22?

Looking for personal or congregational resources for Earth Day 2010? The following are a few:

  • Visit the KAIROS website for resources on Energy Justice, including the Carbon Sabbath Bible Study
  • The Eastern Synod has created a Service of Repentance (scroll to the Stewardship of Creation section of this page)
  • The Anglican Diocese of Montreal has an Earth Day Liturgy available from their website


2. From Winnipeg to Stuttgart

Are you ready to participate in the 11th Assembly of The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)? From Winnipeg in 2003, where delegates from member churches gathered to worship, pray, plan and share concerns for future work together, to Stuttgart in July 2010 - you are invited to participate locally. The Assembly Bible Studies can be downloaded for congregational or community use, or join in singing the Assembly theme song and praying with and for Lutherans all over the world. Further information is available on the LWF North America Region website at www.elca.org/lwf or the Assembly website at www.assembly-lwf.org.

A Lutheran World Information special issue entitled Women's Daily Bread in the observance of the Women's Day this year is also available from the LWF North America office. Limited copies are available and can be ordered directly from the LWF North America office.


3. ELCIC Members Respond Enthusiastically and Provide Feedback to Human Sexuality Study

Members of the ELCIC responded enthusiastically to the call to provide feedback on the ELCIC's Study of Human Sexuality. As of the February 28 deadline for feedback, over 500 responses were received at the National Office via online feedback, as well as through written submissions. The study was made available for individual and congregational use at the end of September 2009. The Human Sexuality Task Force reviewed all of the submissions and written a first draft of a social statement that is now being distributed widely for consultation. Further information is available online: www.elcic.ca/Human-Sexuality/default.cfm


4. 2010 National Worship Conference

Join ELCIC and ACC members in Vancouver from July 4 - 7, 2010 at the
Vancouver School of Theology to explore how worship shapes us to care for our communities and the world. The National Worship Conference is a biennial conference sponsored by the ELCIC and ACC. The conference welcomes participation by clergy and laity of these two churches as well as clergy and laity from other churches who seek to build up the life of the Christian community through our worship so that we might serve the world God loves.

BREAKING NEWS! Vancouver School of Theology has made arrangements for participation in the National Worship Conference to be used to earn degree credits in the Master of Arts in Theological Studies, the Master of Divinity, the Master of Theology and the Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies.

For further information, visit the 2010 Worship Conference website.


5. One Community

Is your congregation participating in a One Community project in support of Canadian Lutheran World Relief - the ELCIC's partner in international relief and development? If so, CLWR would like to hear your stories about how the program was introduced to your congregation and any special events you have held to raise funds. Information can be sent to CLWR, 302-393 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1W5 or emailed to clwr@clwr.mb.ca. Photographs are also welcomed provided permissions from those photographed have been obtained.

For more information about the One Community project, please visit www.clwr.org.


6. CLWR Sets New Course to Support Alternative Trade

Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR), the ELCIC's partner in international relief and development work, is setting a new course for alternative trade programming that will replace the current Four Corners operation. The new direction will see CLWR enter into an alliance with Ten Thousand Villages. This will be the vehicle through which CLWR supporters can continue to support alternatively traded products.

At its March 2010 meeting, the CLWR Board of Directors endorsed a recommendation to close the Four Corners program. This was deemed necessary to protect the viability of core programming such as community development, emergency and disaster relief, refugee resettlement and commodities. Read the full news release on the CLWR website: www.clwr.org


7. Justice Camp

In May 2010, the Diocese of Niagara is hosting Community Justice Camp under the theme of community development. Unlike a conference, Justice Camps are interactive with active learning through immersion experiences with local justice partners. Participants are at least 50% young adults (18-35) with 50% local participation and 50% of the participants being from all across Canada. Through experiential learning and training participants will explore how to integrate justice-making into their lives, that of their parishes and of their communities. Find out more: www.justicecamp.ca.


8. Host Your Own Interfaith Dinner

The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) is offering key leadership to the 2010 World Religions Summit, June 21-23, University of Winnipeg. Held parallel to G8/G20 government leaders summit, which Canada hosts June 25-27, 2010, the World Religions Summit offers interfaith leaders the opportunity reflect and comment on global issues. The 2010 Interfaith Statement: A Time for Inspired Leadership and Action has been issued. The CCC's goal is for an interfaith dinner to be convened in every federal riding, where the local MP would be invited to discuss the interfaith statement with concerned citizens. Under "resources" on www.faithchallengeg8.com you will find the statement, suggestions for hosting an interfaith dinner, and much more.


9. KAIROS Update

Delegations made up of KAIROS member churches have visited over 100 Members of Parliament to express their support of KAIROS valuable work and concern about recent CIDA funding cuts. As KAIROS continues to seek development funding for its overseas partners, its other social justice work continues. Find out more at www.kairoscanada.org.


10. Hands On!

The 2010 Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering - Hands On - takes place August 19-22, 2010. Two churches + one gathering = how many youth? Registration continues for the first ever joint Anglican Lutheran youth gathering. Find out more by visiting the 2010 CLAY website.


11. Ask and Imagine

Ask and Imagine is for young people in the Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran Church from all over Canada. But - it's more than a camp, it's more than a youth conference - it's a 10-day experience of living and learning in community with other youth and adult mentors. It is an encounter with self, life, leadership and faith from across Canada. The event takes place:

  • May 15 -23, 2010 for Adults, 18 and over - Academic and experiential formation for youth ministries
  • August 12-26, 2010 for youth currently in high school, this event is fully integrated in CLAY 2010.

Find out more by visiting www.askandimagine.org.


12. Doing Theology in a Fair Country

Register for the Churches Council on Theological Education in Canada's national conference, Doing Theology in a Fair Country, May 3-5 in Winnipeg with Canadian philosopher and author John Ralston Saul. Be part of a conversation with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians about being engaged in theological education in a context of truth telling and reconciliation. This conference is hosted by the Faculty of Theology  at the University of Winnipeg in collaboration with the Knowles/Woodsworth Centre for Theology and Public Policy. To learn more and for registration information, visit: www.ccteconference.ca.


13. Mamow Be-Mo-Tay-Tah: Let Us Walk Together

This resource for congregational study and reflection has been prepared by the Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network, Canadian Council of Churches. It is designed to help Canadians engage with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools and better understand the legacies of colonization that Aboriginal peoples live with today. It offers brief essays, reflections and testimonials followed by discussion questions. To order, contact the Canadian Council of Churches.


14. Tell your story!

Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to communique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!

15. Share these resources!

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