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Classical Artist Lynn Kuo To Perform in Pinawa

Lynn Kuo A Great Surprise...

Eastern Manitoba Concert Association

  The haunting violin strings of internationally known Lynn Kuo will lighten the spirit in eastern Manitoba this month.  You may have heard her on CBC Radio's Musicraft, Take Five or Music Around Us but now is your chance to see her in person Friday, January 13 in Pinawa. Her performance is part of an exciting multi-dimensional yearly concert series presented by the Eastern Manitoba Concert Association (EMCA).

  Displaying versatility in a wide range of musical styles from the Baroque to the contemporary, her solo and chamber music appearances have garnered critical acclaim in her recital tours across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Just back from a tour of Balkan Europe, which included recitals in Belgrade, Timisoara, Bucharest and Bulgaria, Kuo, accompanied by pianist Marianne Humetska, will perform Ludwig von Beethoven's Sonata No. 5 for Piano and Violin, Op. 24 “Spring”. Contemporary works such as Fantaisie Bohemien by Michael Pepa and Adieu Babylon by Sid Rabinovitch are also on the programme.

  Born in St. John's, Newfoundland, and now working out of Toronto, Lynn Kuo has earned accolades and praise for her impeccable playing and tasteful phrasing. She presently plays with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, The Canadian Opera Company and currently holds the title of Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and Chef de l'ensemble Les AMIS in Toronto.  Kuo has been a frequent guest soloist with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra - for which she has appeared as both pianist and violinist - and has also toured Wales, UK as soloist with the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra.

  A top winner in several major Canadian music competitions including Second Prize at the 2003 Eckhardt-Gramatte Competition, Kuo has appeared as soloist with orchestras such as the Quebec Symphony Orchestra, the University of Toronto Chamber Orchestra, the Brandon Chamber Players, and the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra in Bulgaria.  For more information about the artist, check out the link on the EMCA website at  . Don't miss this opportunity to hear this world-class performance in the Pinawa Community Center and Secondary School at 20 Vanier Drive, on Friday January 13 at 8 p.m. Tickets at the door are $20 for adults, $18 for seniors and $10 for students (K-12).

  To reserve tickets contact Cathy Harding at 753 -2767.

Lynn Kuo A Great Surprise..

Friday The 13th Is Supposed To Be Unlucky......

Submitted by Louise Daymond

Editor of The Paper

The following review can be found in Vol.11 Issue 8

  Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky, but it bode well for members of EMCA's audience Friday night. I won't try to hide it; I wasn't looking forward to the concert, classical violinist Lynn Kuo. How boring could that be, I thought. I literally left the house at the last possible minute, and would have been even later if my eleven year old grandson hadn't decided to come along. I don't know what his expectations were, but I do know we were both blown away by Lynn Kuo and her classical violin.

  Ms. Kuo was a delight right from the start, thanking the audience for coming out before she even played a note. She introduced her first piece, Beethoven's Sonata No. 5 for piano and violin, Op.24, “Spring” , explaining her interpretation of each movement. Midway through the first movement, something quite remarkable happened. It was as though Ms. Kuo and her instrument became one and I never again separated the two in my mind. It isn't very often that that happens, especially with that musical genre. She (and the music) were mesmerizing, and accompanist Marianna Humetska only emphasized the imagery. So captivating, in fact, that several members of the audience were moved to applause between movements.

  Kuo's technique appears flawless, and she has the ability to extend a note from one end of her bow to its very tip, all the while maintaining a clear, strong tone. Beethoven was followed by Fantaisie bohemian by Canadian composer Michael Pepa. Kuo prefaced this piece by relating her recent experience of performing the Romanian piece in the Balkans, hoping her interpretation did it justice. I'm quite certain they were as impressed as we were. The high notes pierced the air with beautiful clarity, and the music was filled with tension that held your attention throughout, the trickling notes of the piano adding to the drama. At times the violin sounded like a flute, and Kuo's command of both the lower and higher octaves was very impressive.

  Intermission was followed by work from another Canadian composer, Winnipegger Sid Rabinovitch. Kuo explained the piece was inspired by the Gulf War. This contemporary number was very dramatic, showcasing the deft piano stylings of Ms. Humetska. Karol Szymanowski's Nocturne and Tarantella, Op. 28 followed. These pieces were quite complicated to listen to, but fascinating to watch. The programme ended with Fritz Kreisler's Tambourin Chinois. After receiving a standing ovation, Ms. Kuo decided to surprise the audience with a lively piece that clearly sounded like birds singing.

  Portions of the first half of the programme may have been difficult for all the audience to hear (the piano seemed to drown out the quieter portions of the violin), but EMCA sound technicians remedied the problem during the intermission. Lynn Kuo's musical resumé could fill this page, easily. Not only is she a solo performer, she also performs with a partner and with orchestras. Performing is not her only talent, however. She is the Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and Chef de l'ensemble Les AMIS in Toronto. She plays with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Opera Company. She also teaches music and is a guest lecturer at universities. Word to the wise: don't let preconceived ideas prevent you from experiencing magic!

Garnet Rogers to Perform In Pinawa February 10th

  He is a big man with big music. Garnet Rogers, one of the most influential acts in North American folk music will be on stage in Pinawa in February. With his smooth, dark baritone voice, his incredible range, and thoughtful, dramatic phrasing, Garnet Rogers is considered by fans and critics alike to be one of the finest singers anywhere.

  Brought to southeast Manitoba by the Eastern Manitoba Concert Association (EMCA) as part of their 2005-06 concert series, Rogers will perform February 10 at the Pinawa Community Centre.

  Music came to Garnet Rogers at a very early age. He began listening to the country music broadcasts from the Grand Ol' Opry at the age of six. Two years later he was playing the definitive 8-year-old's version of "Desolation Row" on his ukulele. He soon abandoned that instrument to teach himself the flute, violin and guitar and within ten years, Garnet Rogers was on the road as a full-time working musician.

  Hailed by the Boston Globe as a "charismatic performer and singer", Rogers is a man with a powerful physical presence - close to six and a half feet tall with a voice to match. His music is literate, passionate, sensitive and purposeful. He sings about people who are not obvious heroes and of the small everyday victories. His over-the-top humour and lightning-quick wit will take you on an unforgettable ride. A very independent soul, Rogers has turned down offers from major labels to do his music his way.

  Rogers is also mindful of the people around him wherever he goes and asks that audience members bring a non-perishable food item to the concert to be given to our local food bank.

  Garnet Rogers will be on stage at 8 p.m. February 10 at the Pinawa Community Centre located adjacent to the Pinawa Secondary School, 20 Vanier Drive. Tickets are $20 for adults, $18 for seniors and $10 for students (K-12). Contact Cathy at 753-2767 to reserve your tickets and don't forget your tin for the bin.

See next month's newsletter for a review on Garnet Rogers,  brought to you courtesy of The Paper, Pinawa's local news source.


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