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Pinawa Christian Fellowship

The Pinawa Christian Fellowship
Winter News 2006

PCF Annual Financial Meeting - January 22

A congregational meeting will be convened following worship on Sunday, January 22, 2005 to receive the financial report for 2005 and to adopt a budget for 2006. All people with an interest in the life and ministry of the Pinawa Christian Fellowship are urged to attend and participate. You will find the Treasurer's report and a draft budget in this newsletter for your information and consideration.

Greetings and Happy New Year!

The early news for this year is encouraging. We had a modest surplus on our operating budget in 2005. The congregation is healthy. This is now my tenth year in ministry with you and I am heartened by our growth and change. My focus this year will be practical. I want to spend more time encouraging the day to day things that Christians do. In our worship and education times my focus will be on calling, prayer, study, and service. If faith doesn't change us, make us better, what is it for? I'm starting this year with a hopeful heart and I trust I will be able to communicate that hope throughout the year.

Peace Be With You,
Rob M

Sisters of the Holy Rock

The PCF has booked the Sisters of the Holy Rock to perform at the Community Centre on Saturday, April 1, 2006 at 7:00 PM. The General Committee thinks this could be a good fundraising activity and could include the performance and refreshments either before or after. Gary Simmons has agreed to coordinate the event and would like a few people to lead/work on advertising, refreshments, tickets sales and set-up/take-down of the Community Centre. Please contact Gary if you would help make this event happen (Tel: 753-2262; e-mail: He will arrange a meeting after Church in early February to flesh out the event and to define activities.

Crib Room and Infant Care

We have had a growing number of children attending worship who are a bit too young for the program in Young Children and Worship (Kindergarten to Grade 3 or 4). We have a few people signed on to help with childcare, but we should have two people available every Sunday. For the protection of volunteers and children all people working with children or vulnerable adults will be asked to provide a current criminal records and child abuse registry check. Rob can help you with the process and will ensure that confidentiality is respected. If you can help in any way with childcare at the PCF, please apply to the church office by

e-mail, phone, or in person.

   Crafty Stuff at the PCF

On the last Sunday of each month adults are gathering after the service to make crafts in classroom 1/15 at the end of the hall closest to the parking lot. On January 29th, we are making "thank-you" and general purpose greeting cards for ourselves and for the church. We will demonstrate a variety of techniques (stamping, embossing, collage). Bring your enthusiasm, no experience is needed and supplies will be provided.

2006 Mission Expenditures

In 2005 the undirected Missions givings were $3,679.50 while the disbursements approved by the Mission Committee, as listed below, were $3650 leaving a carryover of $342.05 to 2006.
2005 Disbursements: Diocese of Keewatin (Bishop's Discretionary Fund) $100, Christian Children's Fund of Canada (to help our foster child and her family after the tsunami) $250, Canadian Foodgrains Bank $200, Beausejour & Area Food Bank $237.50, Lac du Bonnet Food Bank $237.50, Amy Attas (AIDS orphans in Africa) $100, Winnipeg Inner City Missions $900, St. Matthews - Maryland Community Ministry $500, Mennonite Central Committee Disaster Services (Hurricane Katrina Relief) $200, United Church Mission and Service Fund for emergency South Asia Earthquake Relief $400, Jesse Saulteaux Centre $100, Kathy McCamis for support towards her second year of youth ministry studies $250, Laurie Ikeda for playing at a PCF organized funeral service $75, Salvation Army $100.

Odd amounts, for example to the food banks, were added to designated contributions from congregation members to "top up" contributions. Congratulations to the PCF for your continued generosity to the ministry of the church beyond the needs of the congregation. If you would have suggestions for worthy mission efforts, or would like to help the Mission Committee, please contact the church office to find out more.

Rachel Snow

Many of us remember the extraordinary concert by Rachel Snow and Ryan Phelps this past summer. Here's an update from her father on her nomination in the London Music Awards. Barry writes that,
   "Nominations for the London Music Awards closed in Dec., 2005. Thanks to all who nominated Rachel Snow! I am pleased to inform you that, with your help, Rachel is on the ballot for the actual voting for the awards which has just begun in January, 2006. BUT Rachel needs your help again: 1) Hopefully, you would be willing to vote for her, AND 2) please pass this along to your e-mail contacts (If they haven't heard Rachel, they can go to to download one of her songs) and hopefully they will be moved to vote for Rachel. She has some very stiff competition! Rachel Snow is one of the 3 people up for a London Music Award in her category of "Classical-Vocal Artist". The other two nominees are Theodore Baerg and Anita Krause. It's almost like David against two Goliaths! However, with your support maybe the little person (no pun intended) can win out. Only one vote is allowed from each e-mail address, so if you share your address with your husband or wife or whomever then only one of you can vote unless you each have a separate e-mail address.
To Vote:
1) Go to
2) Click on 'Vote'
3) Click on 'Click here if you would like to vote in a specific category'
4) Click on 'Classical - Vocal Artist'
5) Place your vote:
  a) fill in your name and e-mail address
  b) click on 'Rachel Snow'
  c) check the box on understanding the rules
  d) click on 'submit vote'
6) IMPORTANT - Your vote is not recorded until you respond to the e-mail from the London Music Awards by 'clicking on the link'


in the letter that they will send back to you. Once you 'click', it will tell you that your vote has been recorded. Thanks for helping Rachel and remember to 'pass it on'. "

New Front Door Hanging

Dennis Cann is obtaining costs for a new banner to hang in the window by the front door of Gilbert School on Sunday mornings in place of the current 'crest' rug banner. The purpose would be to show our name, the worship time, and some phrase of welcome especially to newcomers and passers-by. The banner itself could be 40 inches wide by 50 inches high. Dennis would appreciate your feedback on this idea and any suggestions you might have on the wording on such a banner.

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care group has met five times now with very encouraging participation. The main task of the group is to make regular contact with every member and friend of the congregation, referring any further needs to the minister for follow up. The group has affirmed that they will be Kind and Gentle, Supportive and Confidential in their work. We have two districts of about ten households without callers right now. If you feel that you could be a friendly caller, or if you have questions or concerns about the program, please give Rob a call at the church office.

Fundraising 2005

Congratulations and Thank you to everyone who helped to plan and accomplish the many fundraising events this past year. Fundraising was a lot of fun and gave our wider community an opportunity to support the work of the PCF. Here is a summary of the fundraising events in 2005.
(to get the fundraising info properly formatted, please check the link below page 4)

Proposed Budget for 2006

The two pages that follow summarize last year's budget and our actual revenue and expenditures along with a proposed budget for 2006. This budget will be presented by the General Committee on Sunday, January 22nd, at a congregational meeting where anyone present may propose amendments. The General Committee has decided to publish the draft budget in a newsletter this year to afford you the maximum opportunity to consider these matters. Our budget is not merely a business plan, it is a statement of faith, an expression of what we feel is most important. Please examine it prayerfully and consider your response and support.
(to get the budget info properly formatted, see pages 5 and 6, please check the link below)

Student Internship

The PCF has been investigating the possibility of offering a student ministry internship as an encouragement for new ministers to consider ecumenical shared ministry. We have a trained supervisor in the congregation (Rob Smith) and have done some preliminary work on identifying funding both within and beyond the congregation. The congregation would need to provide a lay supervision group to work with an intern as supervisors and encouragers. Could you be one of those people? On February 12 there will be a second hour to explore the roles and responsibilities of a lay supervision team for a student intern. Please plan to participate. An internship would have financial implications for the congregation. At present, the budget proposal for an internship would break down something like the figures below. There will be a short presentation on the status of the internship proposal at the annual budget meeting and an opportunity to ask questions. The congregation has not yet approved this initiative. If we can generate sufficient interest and support the proposal could come before our Fall meeting or an earlier special meeting of the congregation.

(to get the internship financial info properly formatted, please check the link below page 7)

Presbyterian, United, Mennonite, Anglican Response to Tsunami Reconstruction

What difference does it make? Does it really matter if I give some time to learn about the post-tsunami political situation in Sri Lanka, offer an intercession for Guatemalan reconstruction efforts in Prayers of the People, bake some brownies for an earthquake fundraiser, or send a cheque to PWRDF marked "Darfur" In the soon-to-be-released documentary Day by Day, Step by Step teenagers who collected money for tsunami relief at a Gimli, Manitoba high school ask those kinds of questions on videotape and offer heartfelt encouragement to survivors. Through a sort of video postcard exchange, an Indian family of fisher folk, Raj and Rita and their four children, whose livelihoods were destroyed by the sea is able to respond to the students and tell the story of their ongoing recovery. The exchange gives all of us a chance to see what difference generosity and accompaniment make, how they compel compassion into action and transform survival into livelihood and healing. 

   Day by Day, Step by Step documents the PUMA (Presbyterian, United, Mennonite, Anglican) partnership with the Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) in India to help in the reconstruction of a number of tsunami-devastated fisher villages in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. What difference does it make? All the difference in the world. Day by Day, Step by Step will be broadcast February 12, 2006, at 7:30 PM on Spirit Connection, VisionTV (Channel 27 in Pinawa).

Volunteer Opportunity!

The General Committee needs someone to coordinate stewardship. The primary responsibility is organizing a yearly canvass of the membership to elicit support and to generate our volunteer lists for set-up, flowers, greeting etc. We have several offers of assistance with collating the information, but we need someone who could prepare the packages, recruit visitors, and generally represent the issues of stewardship on the General Committee. For more information talk to Rob Murray or Gary Simmons.


The Pinawa Christian Fellowship
"called together to be God's people"

The Pinawa Christian Fellowship is a unique multi denominational shared ministry recognized by the Anglican Church of Canada, Mennonite Church Manitoba, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the United Church of Canada. We welcome people of any denomination to join us in worship and service. The PCF has worshipped together since 1963. The Rev. Robert J. Murray, a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, has served with us since 1996. Sunday worship is at 10 a.m. in the F. W. Gilbert Elementary School. Infant Care and a Children's Worship Programme are provided. The church office is in the Whiteshell Centre, across from the Marina in Pinawa.

The Pinawa Christian Fellowship
Box 582, Pinawa, MB, R0E 1L0

Rev. Rob Murray