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511 Robinson Ave.

Selkirk, MB  R1A 1E5

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(204) 482-2111


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       December 2007      




    Learning Centre      Connection


Your gateway to life-long learning opportunities

              5th Class Power Engineer / Building Technician

                                 Cetificate Course

                           Coming this January 2008!

This program provides comprehensive training in maintaining, operating and repairing electrical, ventilation, refridgeration and water treatment systems. You will also develop troubleshooting skills. The program provides you with the opportunity to write the Fifth Class Power Engineer Inter-Provincial Red Seal Exam.

                       Call for more information or to register 482-2111


Business Management Certificate

Call to express an interest in this program!

Coming in the new year

This program is from (NAIT) Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. This demanding and intensive program has instruction that emphasizes the practical aspects of solving typical business problems by study and application of current business practices. Class activities include case studies, simulations, problem solving, computer applications, group analysis and discussions. To express your interest call 482-2111


 Power Up Computer Training for Women

Watch for our next start date in the New Year!

Power Up teaches women the basics of using a computer, from turning the machine on to typing a word document to accessing the internet and sending emails. You will be taken through the program so you can understand how to make the computer work for you.

This program is sponsored by the

Women's Directorate.

 Call 482-2111 to register.   


"Computer Fundamentals for Job Skills"

Certificate Course

Watch for our new dates for January!

Cost: $225

This course provides the students with an introduction to word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and Internet-related tools. The course also introduces the students to the internal and external hardware components necessary for the operation of the computer. Students leave the course with an understanding of the possible uses of the computer as a powerful tool and a basic set of skills necessary to operate the computer in a productive meaningful manner. Call 482-2111 to register.


  Job Quest - Career Services

482-2100 or toll free 1-866-482-2100




NOW open every Tuesday evening:

5:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Come in to use our Resource Area,

meet with staff for your scheduled appointment,

or attend a scheduled information session!

Daytime Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

Closed: Friday December 7, 21, 25 & 26

and at noon December 24

Sign up for one of our "Free" Workshops:

December 3 - Job Search Workshop - 9am to 4pm

December 6 - Cover Letter Workshop - 9am to 3pm

December 10 & 11 - Interview Prep Workshop - 9am to 4pm

December 13 & 14 - Resume Writing Workshop - 9am to 4pm

December 17 & 18 - Resume Writing Workshop - 9am to 4pm

December 20 - Portfolio Work Group RSVP - 9am to 12pm

Tuesday Evening Workshops:

December 4 - Resume Review & Interview Tips

with CBC HR Manager - Gimli Location - 7pm to 9pm





Lord Selkirk Toastmasters Club #3977

"For Better Listening, Better Thinking, Better Speaking!"

Toastmasters offers a proven way to improve your communication skills. By participating in a fun and supportive Toastmasters group, you'll become a better speaker and leader and gain confidence to succeed in whatever path you've chosen in life.

We meet every other Wednesday at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre from 7pm - 9pm. It is always OPEN HOUSE! We love an audience and the coffee is free.

Our meeting for this month is December 12 at 7pm.

If you have any inquiries call Fred at 204-389-5985.

See the Web site http://lordselkirk.freetoasthost.org/


Computer Tutor

Computer Tutor is one-on-one training, at the Selkirk Learning Centre, in the popular software titles. This training is individually tailored to your needs. You can arrange to have a one hour review of your favorite software, or a number of hours to learn something new and relate it to your job.

If you are interested in the Computer Tutor call the Selkirk & District  Community Learning Centre at (204) 482-2111 or email reception@mts.net.



Audio-Video Conferencing

The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre now has two-way audio-video capability in three classrooms. We now have classes started with the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) & The University of Winnipeg.

Our first class was the Education Assistant Diploma Program / Communication Augmentation. They graduated this past September 2007 at the Aboriginal Centre. There will be new classes starting this September 2007 at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Center.

For more information call Karen Keppler, Program Manager, at (204) 482-2111.




Computer Lending Library 




Our Mission Statement

The SDCLC sponsored Computer Lending Program is designed to encourage the use of computers by making them accessible to those who are unable to otherwise acquire them; thereby increasing their quality of life, literacy, fluency and enhancing the specialty skills that have become a requirement for more employment opportunities - even in entry-level positions.

The Computer Lending Library supplies you with a basic set of computer equipment and will also offer basic instructions for assembling and operating your computer. The training is scheduled through the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre.  Membership Application

for more information contact June at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre:

  Phone: (204) 482-2111
  Fax:     (204) 785-1316

  Email:   reception@mts.net

  Web Site: www.selkirklearningcentre.ca




Classroom Rentals

The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre has furnished Classrooms and Computer Labs for rent, which are ideal for:

  • Seminars
  • Training Workshops
  • Computer Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Off-site Meetings
  • Service Group Gatherings

To view room rates please click here.

For room bookings please contact June at the Selkirk Learning Centre (204) 482-2111 or email:  reception@mts.net .

Hours of Operation:  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Evening and Weekend Hours are also available to be booked.



CAP Computers

Free Public Access to Computers

Hours of operation is Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre has 6 computers that can be used to access the internet, check emails, type a word document, print documents, or job search. All 6 computers have Microsoft Office '97. 

Drop in to the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre at 511 Robinson Avenue to get on a computer and cruise the information highway!







 "Responsible Electronics Recycling"

We take just about any kind of Electronics !

Why? Because ewaste is extremely toxic when not disposed of in an approved manner! The RER was first conceived four years ago when it was noted that electronics waste or ewaste often found its way into landfills throughout Manitoba.

You can help save our earth by recycling your old electronics!

Call the centre for more information at 482-2111



The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre

now accepts all makes of cartridges !

Recycle your empty printer, fax copier cartridges and your old cell phones to help us earn money and to help save the earth!

We have joined in a new fundraiser called

                     It's Our World Recycling Logo

Helping Our Earth Stay Healthy

This program offers us an almost effortless way to raise money to support our projects - and to protect our planet. 

We earn money simply by recycling the eligible used printer, fax and copier cartridges that were destined for the trash.

We help save the earth by collecting all the ineligible cartridges that end up in our landfills.

Here's How You Can Help:

  • Save your cartridges you use at home, in the workplace or at your business.
  • Ask friends, family, employers to help support our fundraising efforts and save our earth.
  • Collect all makes of cartridges.
  • Collect old cell phones.
  • Drop off the empty cartridges and cell phones to the Selkirk Learning Centre or call to arrange for pick up (204) 482-2111.
  • NOTE:  Previously recycled or remanufactured cartridges will now be accepted.

Please drop off at:

Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre

511 Robinson Ave., Selkirk, MB

Contact:  June

Phone: (204) 482-2111

Fax:     (204) 785-1316

Email:   reception@mts.net


Instructors Wanted:

Do you have a skill or a hobby you would like to share with others? We are always looking for instructors and new ideas for courses and workshops.

Call the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre with your ideas at 482-2111 or email reception@mts.net.




Quiz of the Month

Christmas Quizz


1. Whose birthday is being celebrated on Christmas Day? [A]

2. Who is the mother of Jesus? [A]

3. What season was Jesus actually born in? [A]

4. What does the name Immanuel mean translated? [A]

5. What city was Jesus born in? [A]

6. Name the three kings that went to see baby Jesus. [A]

7. In what direction did the kings see His star? [A]

8. What gifts were presented to baby Jesus? [A]

9. What does the word Christ mean? [A]

10. Who wrote O Come, All Ye Faithful? [A]

11. What holiday is considered larger than Christmas? [A]

12. Who was the Christian leader from Myra? [A]

13. Where can you find the real Christmas story? [A]

14. What did Nicholas do with his inheritance? [A]

15. In legend, what did St. Nicholas drop down the chimney? [A]

16. Where did it land? [A]

17. What Christmas song includes Glory to the newborn king? [A]

18. What Christmas song includes Let every heart prepare Him room? [A]

19. What Christmas song includes The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth? [A]

20. In the Christmas song Silent Night, what words follow Silent night? [A]

21. What color of a Christmas am I dreaming of? [A]

22. What is Tiny Tim famous for saying? [A]

23. Name 3 items contained in Egg Nog. [A]

24. What letter does the Christmas candy cane resemble? [A]

25. What does the white in the candy cane represent? [A]

26. What reindeer names does Santa Claus call out? [A]

27. In the Grinch that stole Christmas, what was 2 sizes too small? [A]

28. What is the night before Christmas? [A]

29. On Christmas eve what snack is placed out for Santa? [A]

30. Who is supposed to open the first Christmas Gift? [A]

31. Name the famous Christmas movie which was in New York. [A]

32. What is the name of the Christmas snowman? [A]

33. What are the most popular Christmas time colors? [A]

34. Where can we exchange kisses at Christmas time? [A]

35. What is green, needs watering, and fills the house with an aroma? [A]

36. Who makes the best online Merry Christmas greeting cards? [A]

37. What was so good about the red nose that Rudolph had? [A]

38. In the polar express movie what was chosen as the first Christmas gift? [A]

39. What Christmas movie did Ebenezer play in? [A]

40. What is the nutcracker? [A]

41. Name the popular red Christmas flower. [A]

42. What items are generally put in Christmas stockings? [A]

43. On Christmas day how do you greet others? [A]

44. Where is Santa Clauses workshop located? [A]

45. In the song, how many days of Christmas? [A]

46. What is the meaning of a partridge in a pear tree? [A]

47. What do the 9 Ladies Dancing represent? [A]

48. Robert L. May created what Christmas character? [A]

49. Why is Christmas often shortened to Xmas? [A]

50. Today instead of being called Christmas season, it is called? [A]

51. What popularized the image of Santa Claus in 1931? [A]

52. The words hear them ring are found in what Christmas song? [A]

53. Who plays his drums to honor Jesus? [A]

54. From now on our troubles Will be miles away is in what Song? [A]

55. Name the somewhat spicy, edible Christmas house. [A]

56. John Horsley made the first Christmas card in what year? [A]

57. How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish? [A]

58. December 25th was chosen for the Christmas celebration by? [A]

59. In America, Christmas was declared a Federal Holiday when? [A]

60. Who published the Christmas Carol in 1843? [A]

61. What might a Canadian say on Christmas day? [A]

62. Who first conceived the idea of a Christmas tree? [A]

63. Who is credited with the first of placing lights on Christmas trees? [A]

64. What were the first tree ornaments? [A]

65. Name a popular Christmas cake. [A]

66. In the early 1900's what was so expensive that it was rented? [A]

67. What is the busiest Christmas shopping day? [A]

68. Instead of Christmas stockings Dutch children often used? [A]

69. A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired in what year? [A]

70. Thurl Ravenscroft, sang what song in How the Grinch Stole Christmas? [A]

71. Name the 4 ghosts In the movie A Christmas Carol. [A]

72. In what TV show was the Christmas tune Silver Bells Introduced? [A]

73. Is Deck the Halls a true Christmas carol? [A]

74. Was Jingle Bells originally made for Christmas? [A]

75. Which country does the Christmas song Silent Night originate from? [A]



Joke of the Month


Turkey roll

A new young blonde bride calls her mother in tears.

She sobs, "Robert doesn't appreciate what I do for him."

"Now, now," her mother comforted, "I am sure it was all just a misunderstanding."

"No, mother," you don't understand.

"I bought a frozen turkey roll and he yelled and screamed at me about the price!"

"Well, the nerve of that lousy cheapskate!" says her mom.

"Those turkey rolls are only a few dollars."

"No, mother it wasn't the price of the turkey, it was the airplane ticket."

"Airplane ticket.... What did you need an airplane ticket for?"

"Well mother, when I went to fix it, I looked at the directions on the package and it said -

'Prepare from a frozen state,' so I flew to Alaska!"



Puzzle of the Month



word search puzzle


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Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre

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