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Job & Career Fair:


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511 Robinson Ave.

Selkirk, MB  R1A 1E5

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(204) 482-2111


(204) 785-1316



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       May 2008   




    Learning Centre      Connection


Your gateway to life-long learning opportunities



                              Academy of Learning

 Academy of Learning has training starting in Medical Receptionist, Office, Health Care, IT, Computers, Accounting and MORE.

Check out our web site and see what we have to offer you!!


Call June for information at 482-2111



 Power Up Computer Training for Women

Watch for our next start date!

Power Up teaches women the basics of using a computer, from turning the machine on to typing a word document to accessing the internet and sending emails. You will be taken through the program so you can understand how to make the computer work for you.

 Call 482-2111 to register.   


"Computer Fundamentals for Job Skills"

Certificate Course

Watch for our next start date!

Cost: $225

This course provides the students with an introduction to word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and Internet-related tools. The course also introduces the students to the internal and external hardware components necessary for the operation of the computer. Students leave the course with an understanding of the possible uses of the computer as a powerful tool and a basic set of skills necessary to operate the computer in a productive meaningful manner. Call 482-2111 to register.


  Job Quest - Career Services

482-2100 or toll free 1-866-482-2100

Daytime Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

Closed on May 19 for Victoria Day



Sign up for one of our "Free" Workshops

or sign up for our "New Condensed Workshop"

oneway or another we can help you.

Daytime Sessions:

May 6 - Career Planning Workshop Part 1 - 9am to 4pm

May 7 - Career Planning Workshop Part 2 - 9am to 4pm

May 8 - Job Search Workshop - 9am to 4pm

May 13 - Resume Writing Workshop Part 1 - 9am to 4pm

May 14 - Resume Writing Workshop Part 2 - 9am to 4pm

May 20 - Cover Letter Workshop - 9am to 3pm

May 22 - Interview Prep Workshop Part 1 - 9am to 4pm

May 23 - Interview Prep Workshop Part 2 - 9am to 4pm




Lord Selkirk Toastmasters Club #3977

"For Better Listening, Better Thinking, Better Speaking!"

Toastmasters offers a proven way to improve your communication skills. By participating in a fun and supportive Toastmasters group, you'll become a better speaker and leader and gain confidence to succeed in whatever path you've chosen in life.

We meet every Wednesday at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre from 6:45pm - 8:45pm. It is always OPEN HOUSE! We love an audience and the coffee is free.

If you have any inquiries call Fred at 204-389-5985.

See the Web site http://lordselkirk.freetoasthost.org/



Computer Tutor

Computer Tutor is one-on-one training, at the Selkirk Learning Centre, in the popular software titles. This training is individually tailored to your needs. You can arrange to have a one hour review of your favorite software, or a number of hours to learn something new and relate it to your job.

If you are interested in the Computer Tutor call the Selkirk & District  Community Learning Centre at

(204) 482-2111 or email reception@mts.net.



Audio-Video Conferencing

The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre now has two-way audio-video capability in three classrooms. We now have classes started with the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) & The University of Winnipeg.

Our first class was the Education Assistant Diploma Program / Communication Augmentation. They graduated this past September 2007 at the Aboriginal Centre. There will be new classes starting this September 2007 at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Center.

For more information call Karen Keppler, Program Manager, at (204) 482-2111.




Computer Lending Library 




Our Mission Statement

The SDCLC sponsored Computer Lending Program is designed to encourage the use of computers by making them accessible to those who are unable to otherwise acquire them; thereby increasing their quality of life, literacy, fluency and enhancing the specialty skills that have become a requirement for more employment opportunities - even in entry-level positions.

The Computer Lending Library supplies you with a basic set of computer equipment and will also offer basic instructions for assembling and operating your computer. The training is scheduled through the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre.  Membership Application

for more information contact June at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre:

  Phone: (204) 482-2111
  Fax:     (204) 785-1316

  Email:   reception@mts.net

  Web Site: www.selkirklearningcentre.ca




Classroom Rentals

The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre has furnished Classrooms and Computer Labs for rent, which are ideal for:

  • Seminars
  • Training Workshops
  • Computer Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Off-site Meetings
  • Service Group Gatherings

To view room rates please click here.

For room bookings please contact June at the Selkirk Learning Centre (204) 482-2111 or email:  reception@mts.net .

Hours of Operation:  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Evening and Weekend Hours are also available to be booked.



CAP Computers

Free Public Access to Computers

Hours of operation is Monday to Friday

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre has 6 computers that can be used to access the internet, check emails, type a word document, print documents, or job search. All 6 computers have Microsoft Office '97. 

Drop in to the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre at 511 Robinson Avenue to get on a computer and cruise the information highway!







 "Responsible Electronics Recycling"

We take just about any kind of Electronics !

Why? Because ewaste is extremely toxic when not disposed of in an approved manner! The RER was first conceived four years ago when it was noted that electronics waste or ewaste often found its way into landfills throughout Manitoba.

You can help save our earth by recycling your old electronics!

Call the centre for more information at 482-2111



The Selkirk & District

Community Learning Centre

now accepts all makes of cartridges !

Recycle your empty printer, fax copier cartridges and your old cell phones to help us earn money and to help save the earth!

We have joined in a new fundraiser called

                               It's Our World Recycling Logo

Helping Our Earth Stay Healthy

This program offers us an almost effortless way to raise money to support our projects - and to protect our planet. 

We earn money simply by recycling the eligible used printer, fax and copier cartridges that were destined for the trash.

We help save the earth by collecting all the ineligible cartridges that end up in our landfills.

Here's How You Can Help:

  • Save your cartridges you use at home, in the workplace or at your business.
  • Ask friends, family, employers to help support our fundraising efforts and save our earth.
  • Collect all makes of cartridges.
  • Collect old cell phones.
  • Drop off the empty cartridges and cell phones to the Selkirk Learning Centre or call to arrange for pick up (204) 482-2111.
  • NOTE:  Previously recycled or remanufactured cartridges will now be accepted.

Please drop off at:

Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre

511 Robinson Ave., Selkirk, MB

Contact:  June

Phone: (204) 482-2111

Fax:     (204) 785-1316

Email:   reception@mts.net


Instructors Wanted:

Do you have a skill or a hobby you would like to share with others? We are always looking for instructors and new ideas for courses and workshops.

Call the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre with your ideas at 482-2111 or email reception@mts.net.



   Joke of the Month

Some men go on a hunting trip and separate into pairs.

That evening one hunter, Sam, returned to camp alone toting a 12 point buck. "Where's George?" one of the men asked, noticing that Sam had returned alone. "He's about 6 miles back. He tripped and broke his ankle. I left him there 'cause I figured ain't nobody 'bout to steal him."



   Puzzle of the Month

How Smart Are You


Humanities: Spelling Bee: Tough Spelling Test
1. Evenness of mind or temper:

A) Equalimity
B) Equanimitie
C) Equanamity
D) Equanimity

Humanities: Etymology: Origins of Some English Words
2. 'Lupine' is derived from the Latin 'lupus', which means what animal?

A) bear
B) cat
C) wolf
D) badger

Humanities: World Myth: Myths- Fertility And Cultivation
3. Celtic: What was the name of King Arthur's wife?

A) Lancellotta
B) Elaine
C) Morgana Le Fay
D) Guinevere

Humanities: Mythology & Legends: Myths And Legends
4. Jason, of Greek mythology, commanded which ship?

A) Agro
B) Apollo
C) Argo
D) Golden Fleece

Humanities: Musicals Mixture: Showtunes
5. Which of the following songs is from the musical 'Gigi'?

A) 'Try to Remember'
B) 'Remember Me?'
C) 'Remember?'
D) 'I Remember It Well'

Humanities: Unusual and Obscure Words: Bizarre Words
6. What is the definition of dentiloquist?

A) pertaining to the number 10
B) science of counting tree rings
C) loving your dentist
D) someone who speaks with closed teeth

Humanities: American v. British: British English And American English
7. What does a BE-speaking housetrained dad help to change?

A) baby's naps
B) baby's diapers
C) baby's nappers
D) baby's nappies

Humanities: Norse Myth: Odin's Belongings
8. What was the name of Odin's ring that created nine of itself each night?

A) Grungir
B) Grimnir
C) Freki
D) Draupnir

Humanities: Idioms and Proverbs: Easy Proverbs
9. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to

A) sing hymns for ever
B) live like a saint
C) go without earthly pleasures
D) die

Humanities: Acronyms: Acronym Mania
10. On the front of your computer is a 'LED', what is this?

A) Light Emitting Disk
B) Light Evident Diode
C) Light Emitting Diode
D) Low Energy Disk




 Questions/Comments for the editor:

We would like to know more about what your needs are?

We value your feedback, please send your questions or comments to the editor of the "Learning Centre Connection" at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre, 122-511 Robinson Ave., Selkirk, MB, R1A 1E5, (204) 482-2111 or by email: reception@mts.net.



Contact Us:


Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre

122 - 511 Robinson Avenue

Selkirk, Manitoba R1A 1E5


Phone:  (204) 482-2111
    Fax:     (204) 785-1316

      Email: reception@mts.net 

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.