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May 08, 2008

Continental Travel Group

Weekly News





Fuel Surcharge
For tickets issued on/after May 13, 2008, the fuel surcharge (1) for travel originating Canada will change as follows:

  • Australia
  • Eastern Canada to Hong Kong


  • Western Canada to UK
  • Western Canada to Germany
  • Eastern Canada to China
  • Korea


  • Eastern Canada to UK
  • Eastern Canada to Germany
  • France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • Western Canada to Hong Kong & China


  • South America


  • Mexico
  • Caribbean / Central America


In addition, the surcharge for the domestic sector of international itineraries will increase from $30 to $35.

(1) Fuel surcharge applies per direction for Australia, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. For other countries listed above, the fuel surcharge applies per international sector; international tickets for travel to those countries are subject to the domestic sector surcharge of $35, when applicable,



US Airways to Charge More for Window, Aisle Seats

As of May 7, US Airways will charge passengers US$5 per flight for an aisle or window seat in the first several rows in coach.







Free weddings at Riu resorts
Couples will be able to enjoy free weddings at the new Riu Montego Bay when it opens later this summer. Featured in the recent-ly released Sunquest RIU brochure, the Riu Montego Bay (another Sunquest exclusive) is the chain’s first resort in Montego Bay and fourth in Jamaica.
As well, clients booking by Oct. 31 for travel between Dec. 24 and April 30, 2009, can save up to $480 per couple.
In addition to the Riu Montego Bay, clients can also enjoy free weddings (when a minimum five rooms are booked) at the Riu Paradise Island in Nassau, Riu Ocho Rios, Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril, Riu Bachata in Puerto Plata, and Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana. Riu’s free wedding packages offer everything from the services of an on-site wedding co-ordinator and flowers for the bride and groom, to wedding cake, decoration for ceremony location and more



          To book your destination wedding                            

                       contact one of our leisure specialists                                                                        

       Kim 989 9344   Lara  989 8569


Charlene 989 9642  Suzanne  989 8595 Trudy 989 9641



Goway has the goods on new Ghan service
Goway Travel is offering a new level of service on Australia’s The Ghan train, which links Adelaide and Darwin. The offer is for travel from Sept. 10, with ticket sales starting May 5. Platinum Service “introduces a new spacious deluxe cabin with a level of appointment that matches the best train cabins in the world,” Goway says. The service will be limited to 25 cabins in five train cars and accommodate up to 50 guests. “The Ghan has always been a memorable journey, and we are now able to offer this premium service – which includes priority boarding and 24-hour room service – to the luxuriously appointed cabins,” says Goway’s Emma Cottis.


Contact our office for more info on the Ghan

or other adventures in Australia.

(204 989 8575   1 800 665 2626



United Arab Emirates - Part 2                          

Gillian and her daughter Safya travelled to Britain and the United Arab Emirates a few weeks ago and have shared their travel experiences with us.

To read part one of this please click here.

While the market stalls are great for browsing  and high end malls interesting to look at, there are lots of adventures to be had in the U.A.E.


Driving through the desert does require an experienced and knowledgable driver and vehicle.  You have to let the air out of the tires when driving over the sand and then remember to get them properly inflated again when going back on to the road.

We got up around 5am one morning, packed up the 4 x 4 and went into the desert to watch the sunrise and have breakfast. Driving over the sand dunes in the early morning looking for the perfect spot to stop was fun but probably because my son-in-law, Hamad an Emiratee (or local lad as we Brits would say) has grown up driving in the desert so I felt very confident with him. Going full speed up a sand dune and not knowing what is on the other side is very scary, I dealt with it by closing my eyes, while my daughters squealed with delight and begged for more, thank goodness we didn’t go too far before we set up camp. 








   Our camp in the desert

It was cold first thing and we got out all wrapped up and the sand was really chilly to walk in but it wasn’t long after the sun came up that everything warmed up very quickly and I was diving for shade next to the car.  Hamad had made up dough the night before then he and Safya cooked flat bread over a small fire or perhaps I should say Hamad cooked his and Safya burnt most of hers!  We fried eggs and boiled the kettle to  make chai – hot milky and very sweet tea!  After a good meal we drove futher into the desert.

                           Hamad & Safya

There were the occasional quad bikes and 4 x 4’s dune driving but then we came across a vehicle stuck high up in a dune and Hamad went off to help.  It was a lot of fun for us girls watching another vehicle trying to get up the dune and manoeuvre around  to pull out the stranded vehicle.


On our way again and we came   across a camel farm.  You need to know the Arabs regard their camels very highly and racing camels can be worth millions.  Two Bangladeshi workers came to show us around.  I love camels but being up close and personal with one is a little scary.  Can you believe that a couple of these camels were worth just over a million dollars each. 



Gillian and Iona at the farm

The two workers live in Dubai but go home to Bangladesh once every two or three years, if they are lucky. They send their money back to their families in the hope of one day returning permanently.  Sadly, this is the general situation for many of the immigrant workers in the U.A.E.


Another day we got up early again to spend the day driving through the mountains from Ajman on the west coast through to another Emirate called Fujairah on the East coast.  This scenic drive took us  from the waters of the Arabian Gulf through to the Gulf of Oman.  We stopped at a large Juma Bazaar, which is the Friday market enroute.  Here we found goods from all around Asia including carpets from Iran, Afghanistan.  We picked up local food from a road side stall which we took into the mountains where we parked and ate our food.  Then it was off on foot to explore and after seeing endless sand dunes for the past few days it was great to be in the mountains with trees and rocks and cool winds.  We drove further to the east coast and the beautiful untouched coast line of Fujairah, ran on a deserted golden beach and wading in the beautiful blue sea, perfect end to a wonderful day.  In the distance the lights of Oman – a place to be visited another time.


A couple of times we went into the desert for quad biking.  When we went at night this  was done in a controlled area, by quad bikers who were experienced. This was a chance for inexperienced quad bikers to learn how to handle the quad bikes safely.  One evening  a group of us  went for a BBQ in the desert and hired a couple of quads.  It was great fun, again I was always a passenger and every time we reached the top of a towering dune, I would close my eyes as I didn’t want to see what was on the other side until I knew                    Safya on the quad   

all four wheels were back on the sand!           

But you can also just sit and watch all the other quad bikers out there having fun, just make sure you are always visible for safety.


    Iona with a Wadi in the background



Wadi Bashing is an adventure seekers dream.  Wadis are dry river beds, deep rocky channels running through the mountains.  You need an experienced driver in a 4 wheel vehicle to do this as flash floods can happen and are obviously extremely dangerous.  The best time to avoid this is between April and October.  You will come across great pools and waterfalls.   As I said earlier my son-in-law Hamad has grown up doing this so we had our own driver but if you need any information on these sort of adventures in Dubai, please let me know and I will get a recommended company for you. You can contact Gill for more information about Dubai and the United Arab Emirates by calling (204) 989 8589 or email



There are water sports on the most pristine beaches, trips into the desert, so many exciting adventures awaiting you, Safya and I had the most action packed 10 days in the U.A.E. and managed only to scratch the surface so of course we are now trying to decide how soon we can get back there!!

Next installment – the piece de résistance – surprise dinner at the Burj Al Arab – the world’s only 7 star hotel!

Thought for the day....                                   


"A journey of one thousand miles must begin with one step."
...Chinese proverb



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