1. For June 28

2. Transportation

3. Worship

4. Near Vancouver?

5. Keep in Touch

6. Call to Prayer

National Bishop's Sermon online.

Schedule for delegates online.

Don't forget your hymnal.

Join us!

How to keep informed during convention.

As we prepare to gather.

Convention Info:

The 12th Biennial National Convention of the ELCIC takes place June 25-28 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

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Countdown to Convention is sent out weekly until the start of the 2009 National Convention.

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1. National Bishop's Sermon for June 28

ELCIC’s National Bishop Susan C. Johnson has prepared a sermon for congregational use on the Sunday of the National Convention, June 28. While traditionally prepared for use by a lay leader in the absence of congregation’s pastor who has been selected as a delegate for the convention, all congregations are encouraged to use this message from our National Bishop. The sermon has been posted on the convention website.


2. Transportation schedule now online.

For delegates arriving via plane to the National Convention, the transportation schedule,which details the bus schedule from Vancouver’s Airport to the University of British Columbia, has now been posted on the convention website.

3. A reminder to bring Evangelical Lutheran Worship with you!

All delegates and visitors are reminded to bring a copy of Evangelical Lutheran Worship, which will be used for our worship time at convention. Don't have a copy? Ask your congregation or a neighbouring congregation if you can borrow one for convention. Augsburg Fortress will also have a limited number of copies to buy, but if you do have one, please be sure to bring it along!


4. Near the Vancouver area? Join over 400 Lutherans from across the country!

Whether you want to come for all, part or just the closing worship service, there is still time to join over 400 delegates, guests, and visitors from across the church at UBC. Daily visitor rates are just $25 and Sunday worship is open to all. Hope to see you there!


5. Can't come to convention but want to feel like you're there?

For the first time ever, the ELCIC will be web-casting the entire National Convention. Log-on and tune in to all the daily events. Details will be posted on the convention website when they become available. Or, while accessing your Facebook or Twitter account, peek in on the 2009 ELCIC National Convention fan page on Facebook or @ELCICinfo on Twitter and read what delegates are experiencing at convention. Daily highlights and information will also be posted on the ELCIC website and via news releases to those subscribed to ELCIC INFO. (To subscribe, email info@elcic.ca with “subscribe” in the subject line of your email.)

6. A call to prayer.

In this final week of preparations for the 2009 ELCIC National Convention, please pray for all involved in the convention including delegates, volunteers, special guests, staff, visitors, and for congregations preparing their delegates, lay and ordained, for their travels.

Lord Jesus,

In the boats where we gather as your disciples, make us aware of your presence.

In the storms of life, bless us with faith that even the wind and sea obey you.

From coast to coast to coast, increase our courage to be a church In Mission for Others.

As the ELCIC gathers in convention, send us your Holy Spirit, so that this church and all your people may see signs of hope, share signs of hope and be signs of hope. 

In your name we pray.