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1. 2015 Praise Appeal Materials Now Available


Liberated by God's Grace: Creation - Not for Sale

Many congregations around the ELCIC participated in the 2014 ELCIC Praise Appeal - thank you for your partnership in this important ministry! This year, the ELCIC Praise Appeal Theme, Liberated by God's Grace: Creation - Not for Sale, echoes The Lutheran World Federation theme for the commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.


You will see the ELCIC lift up this theme of Liberated by God's Grace and it's three subthemes (Creation - Not for Sale, Salvation - Not for Sale, and Human Beings - Not for Sale) over the next three years as we participate in the international and ecumenical commemoration. The commemoration gives us the opportunity to remember and reflect on the Reformation and what it means for us now, living as Lutheran people within the whole body of Christ.


Help us continue this work by holding a Praise Appeal service in your congregation. Resources can be found online at http://elcic.ca/praiseappeal/2015Resources.cfm and consider making a personal donation to the ELCIC Praise Appeal (this can be done as a designated ELCIC Praise Appeal offering through your congregation) or online at elcic.ca and clicking on DONATE NOW.


2. Are You Your Congregation's Treasurer?


The 2015 Treasurer's Information Booklet is now available on our ELCIC website. To access this document from the homepage, click on Resources and then choose Treasurer Resources from the drop-down menu. This will bring you to the section where the Treasurer's information and forms are located. In 2014, ELCIC Group Services, Inc. (GSI) took over the annual updating of the payroll - the T4 information and the examples for calculating payroll for clergy previously provided in the Treasurer's Information Booklet. This information will now appear on the GSI website at www.elcicgsi.ca under the Employers section. All payroll and benefit plan information will be located in one place which is the GSI website. Detailed information on the Pension and Benefits Plans of the ELCIC administered by GSI is also available on the GSI website.



3. 2015 National Convention


National Convention Registration

The registration information package is now available on our website at http://elcic.ca/In-Convention/2015-Edmonton/OnlineRegistration.cfm . This information package contains important information on travel, accommodation arrangements and registration process among others. Online registration will be available starting March 16, 2015 with a closing date of April 22, 2015.


Updates on the 2015 National Convention

Keep posted on all the latest updates and information on our 2015 National Convention by visiting the website at http://elcic.ca/In-Convention/2015-Edmonton/default.cfm. Please check back often.


Countdown to Convention

Beginning in May, highlights and important information will be shared in a new Countdown to Convention e-newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to this weekly newsletter (that will run until the 2015 National Convention), email info@elcic.ca and indicate Subscribe to Convention in the subject line.



4. April 26 - A Day of Prayer for Vocations to Rostered Ministry


The Fourth Sunday of Easter, April 26, 2015 is a Day of Prayer for Vocations to Rostered Ministry. Please watch out for our 2015 resources which will be posted shortly http://elcic.ca/Leadership/VocationalSunday.cfm .


5. ELCIC Rep to PWRDF Youth Council


Members of the ELCIC under 30 years of age are invited to apply to serve as the ELCIC Representative on the Youth Council of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF). Application guidelines will be posted on the ELCIC website soon. Application deadline is on March 15, 2015. Please contact Rev. Paul Gehrs, pgehrs@elcic.ca for more information.



6. Anglican-Lutheran Cycle of Prayer


We are invited to pray especially for our Anglican sisters and brothers with whom we are in full communion. Produced by the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission, the Anglican-Lutheran Cycle of Prayer (2014-2015) is designed for use in communities of the Anglican Church of Canada and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. For each Sunday, there are intentions for specific dioceses, synods and/or groups. To view or download this document, please click here.



7. Canada Lutheran Wants Your Ideas and More!


Ideas for 2015 Issues

Canada Lutheran is looking for ideas for its 2015 issues. Do you have a biblical/theological question that you would like answered in Q & A or something that you would like to read about in Practising Our Faith? Or maybe you are interested in the possibility of writing for the magazine. Editor, Kenn Ward, would like to hear from you!


Photos for in sight
in sight is a new feature that explores our church through photos of our art, architecture, activities and people. Send your photos (high resolution, at least 300 dpi please) to editor@elcic.ca with in sight in the subject line.


Get Connected Through Canada Lutheran

From progressive ministries to practical spiritual guidance, Canada Lutheran introduces readers to people and ideas that will provide discussion and connect them to their home congregations, the National Church, and our global ministries - helping our members live their lives In Mission for Others.


A Congregational Subscription Plan (CSP) to Canada Lutheran is your best way to stay connected. For your congregational subscription, please contact your respective Canada Lutheran representative. To get your church started on a congregational subscription and for individual subscriptions, please contact Barb Wiebe at canaluth@elcic.ca



8. Join KAIROS in Moving Forward on Truth and Reconciliation


KAIROS invites you to participate in a Time for Reconciliation - a national gathering in Ottawa and events across the country to complement official events marking the end of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

In Ottawa, the action begins Friday afternoon, May 29 with KAIROS Intergenerational Gathering, which continues on Saturday, May 30. The Walk for Reconciliation, expected to draw thousands, is scheduled to begin Sunday morning, May 31. This day may also include an ecumenical worship service organized by local churches. Monday, June 1 features educational events hosted by KAIROS and the TRC. The TRC Final Report will be presented on Tuesday, June 2. There will be a by-invitation ceremonial closing of the TRC on Wednesday, June 3 that will include a community feast.


For more details on this gathering in Ottawa and events across the country, please click on this link: Time for Reconciliation


To check on the schedule of KAIROS events, please click here.



9. Compassionate Justice Updates


Compassionate Justice Info

Would you like to receive periodic information about compassionate justice? Send an email to pgerhs@elcic.ca and ask to be added to the compassionate justice email list.


Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness www.caeh.ca provides a variety of resources for addressing the issue of homelessness and affordable housing.


Greening Congregations

The ELCIC invites your congregation to declare its commitment to the stewardship of creatrion by registering as an accredited greening congregation.




10. Healthy Church Updates


Ecumenical and Interfaith Study at Bossey Institute

The World Council of Churches offers some terrific continuing education possibilities which might be of interest to ELCIC rostered ministers. Most of these seminars are offered at the Bossey Institute near Geneva, Switzerland but there are exceptions. Look for: Indigenous Ecological Spiritualities and Christian Faith (July); Mission from the Margins (July); Building an interfaith community (July-August); Women's pilgrimage of justice and peace - a landmark UN Resolution (August); Ecumenism and Spirituality lived and practiced by young people (Indonesia, September); Ecumenical Formation for Specialized Ministries (September); Mission in Changing Ecclesial and Global Landscapes (Bangkok, September-October); and Multicultural Ministry and Mission (November). For more details, please click here to go to their website.


Reformation Commemoration 2015-2017

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has launched a new website focused on the journey toward 2017. Look for the recent announcement of the Women on the Move program and plan to participate! The ELCIC has marked out 2015-2017 to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (2017). We have adopted LWF's goals which are (1) to strengthen communion among member churches; (2) to explore our Lutheran identity; and (3) to strengthen ecumenical commitment. The overall commemorative theme is Liberated by God's Grace.


Please click on the following link to get more information:

LWF's Reformation 2017



11. Effective Partnerships Updates


Waterloo Ministries Directory

The Fall 2014 edition of the Waterloo Ministries Directory is available on the ELCIC website. The Directory lists ministries where Anglicans and Lutherans are working together and takes its name from the Waterloo Declaration which saw Canadian Anglicans and Lutherans enter a full-communion relationship. An updated edition will be published this spring. Please direct any additions or revisions to Rev. Andre Lavergne, Assistant to the Bishop, Ecumenical and Interfaith at alavergne@elcic.ca .


Canadian Interfaith Conversation

The Canadian Intefaith Conversation (CIC) has launched a new website with new items being added regularly. The ELCIC is a founding member of the CIC which brings to the table people from various faith communities and organizations to advocate for religion in a pluralistic society and in Canadian public life. A complete list of members appears on the website.


Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace

Everywhere we look today, life seems imperilled. Isn't it time for Christians everywhere to unite in sustaining life by working together on today's most pressing issues? Isn't it time for Christians everywhere to join in a sacred journey - a pilgrimage - toward justice and peace? The Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace is an initiative of the World Council of Churches (WCC) members to engage with the most important issues of justice and peace, healing a world filled with conflict, inustice and pain.


The Canadian churches are focusing on seven broad pilgrimage themes: Climate, Food, Land, Peace, Poverty, Racism and Reconciliation.


Click here to go to WCC's Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace.


Help Support People Affected By Ebola

CLWR’s first We Care humanitarian shipment of 2015 will be headed to Liberia to help people affected by the Ebola outbreak.


CLWR’s partner in Liberia, the Lutheran Development Service, played a front-line role during the outbreak, working in partnership with local hospitals and community leaders to contain the disease. (Read more here.) Now, donations in this shipment will support families as they rebuild their lives.


You can contribute to this shipment with a We Care Quick Kit, a new initiative launched by CLWR. With every $15 donation, a Learning and Living Kit for a child will be assembled at the CLWR warehouse and included in this shipment or a future one. Click here to learn more and make a gift today.


CLWR Worship Resource Available Now: Earth Day 2015

Earth Day points us back to the Creator in our work and worship. The covenant we have with God to protect the earth, soil, and water is connected to our responsibility also to those around the world who don’t have enough to eat. The resources in this Creation Covenant package will call your church into a time of praise and thanksgiving, and also invite your worshipping community to respond with ways to be good stewards of the earth.


Many thanks to Canadian Foodgrains Bank for spearheading this worship resource. You can download it by clicking HERE. Earth Day is April 22.



12. Tell Your Story


Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to communique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!



13. Share These Resources


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