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1. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2017


The Canadian Council of Churches has published a collection of resources for the January 18-25, 2017, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary year of the beginnings of the Reformation, the theme:Reconciliation - The Love of Christ Compels Us (2 Corinthians 5:14-20) has been chosen. The materials for the 2017 Week of Prayer have two accents: reflection upon the main concerns of the churches marked by Martin Luther's Reformation and secondly recognizing the pain of the subsequent deep divisions which afflicted the unity of the Church. The core material is a joint effort of the World Council of Churches and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and for 2017, is based upon the work of the Council of Churches in Germany. The Canadian resources are produced by an ecumenical writing team coordinated by The Canadian Council of Churches. You can use the resources on the website not only during the Week of Prayer itself, but throughout the year.


Helpful link:

2017 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Resources



2. 2017 Request for Nominations: NCC and Court of Appeal


Elections will be held at the 2017 Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) National Convention in Winnipeg, MB, July 6-8, 2017 for vacant positions on the ELCIC National Church Council and the ELCIC Court of Appeal.


The Committee on Nominations is required to nominate two persons for each position to be filled on National Church Council and Court of Appeal. All nominations should include the name, address, telephone number and a brief resume of the nominee, clearly identifying the specific position. Nomination for the officers is done at Convention.


For a copy of the 2017 Request for Nominations document and the Biographical Data form, visit the 2017 National Convention section of the ELCIC website at www.elcic.ca and look for the “Elections” link. Or download directly from:

http://elcic.ca/In-Convention/documents/2017ELCICRequestforNominations.pdf and http://elcic.ca/In-Convention/documents/BioDataFormFillableforConvention2017finalized.pdf


The deadline for submission of nominations is Friday, January 31, 2017. Email the Biographical Data Form to: nationalconvention@elcic.ca or mail to:


Linda Grainger, National Secretary

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

600-177 Lombard Avenue

Winnipeg MB R3B 0W5



3. Diaconal Sunday - February 26, 2017

Sunday, February 26 is Diaconal Sunday, the day the ELCIC celebrates the witness expressed through service (diakonia). Through our baptism all Christians are called to share God's word and to serve our neighbours in Christ's name. It is also a day to recognize and give thanks to God for the men and women who serve in official calls as deacons in our church. Resources for Diaconal Sunday, including hymn suggestions, prayers, children's message and sermon, will be available shortly at: http://elcic.ca/Leadership/For-Ministers/DiaconalSunday.cfm



4. Recognizing Outstanding Contributions of Rostered and Lay Members in the ELCIC


The ELCIC In Mission for Others Leadership Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of rostered and lay members in service to the wider church. This award will be introduced at the 2017 ELCIC National Convention as part of our commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and will be presented to individuals committed to advancing the mission and ministry of the ELCIC and demonstrating leadership In Mission for Others.


For information on the criteria, nominations and other details, please visit:




5. CLAY 2018 - Save the Date!


The planning team is happy to announce the dates for CLAY 2018 in Thunder Bay, ON. Lutheran and Anglican youth from across Canada are invited to meet in Thunder Bay from August 15 - 19. It is sure to be an amazing time! Watch for more details over the new few months.



6. 2017 Canadian Church Calendar



A collaborative project between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada, the 2017 Canadian Church Calendar offers a glimpse into the ministry of both churches across Canada and around the world. Engagement in God's mission finds expression each month in vibrant photos with accompanying text telling the stories of how Lutherans and Anglicans, as full communion partners, are responding to God's call today. To order your 2017 Canadian Church Calendar, please click here.


Submissions are currently being accepted for stories of ministry and mission to grace the pages of the 2018 Canadian Church Calendar. To send photographs and story details or for further information, send an email to Trina Gallop Blank, Assistant to the Bishop, Communications and Resource Generation at tgallop@elcic.ca.



7. Share Your Ideas & Stories with Canada Lutheran


Canada Lutheran is ELCIC's magazine that brings you fresh new ideas and content, engaging you to the wider church. This is why we depend on your feedback and suggestions.


If you have a story or idea about how you or the people around you handle life's challenges and opportunities through faith, share your story. Each article needs to be around 650 words and we pay for them. Perhaps you know of a layperson in your congregation who uses all of their energy, talent and leadership, and that makes them a role model? That is the kind of person whose ideas we want to share through our In Mission column. Please take the time to let us know about such people and why you think we should interview them. Get in touch with us at editor@elcic.ca.



8. To Love Our Neighbours As Ourselves


Back from L to R: Deacon Pam Harrington, Eastern Synod Bishop Michael Pryse and

Anglican Church of Canada National Indigenous Bishop Mark MacDonald

Front from L to R: Deaconess Anne Keffer, Deacon Scott Knarr and Pastor Philip Mathai


The Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee (FOD) has released To Love Our Neighbours As Ourselves: A Study on Orders of Ministry in the ELCIC. To Love Our Neighbours affords the whole church an opportunity to think about diakonia -the servant-ministry of the baptized - as we collaborate to uphold God's mission in a changing Canadian context. To Love Our Neighbours includes a survey due on Easter Monday, April 17, in which ELCIC members are asked to help shape FOD's September, 2017 word to National Church Council. Make this study part of your congregation's January adult learning program.


To download the Orders of Ministry Study Guide, please click here



9. ELCIC, CCCB Release Joint Material to Commemorate 500th Anniversary of the Reformation



The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) had developed a joint material entitled Together in Christ -- Lutherans and Catholics Commemorating the Reformation, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. The homily resources are designed for use on January 29, 2017, the concluding Sunday of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and the launch date for Together in Christ.


Together in Christ -- Lutherans and Catholics Commemorating the Reformation includes a five-part parish study guide that may be used in individual segments or as a whole series by any Lutheran, Catholic, or ecumenical study session focusing on the Reformation.


To view the news release, please click here.


The Study Guide was created by a Working Group of the ELCIC and the CCCB.The Working Group is encouraging Lutherans and Catholics to commemorate the Reformation together. We invite you to knock on your Catholic neighbour's door and schedule a joint study for five weeks in 2017. Lent would be ideal! Before and after Reformation Day 2017, regional ecumenical Together in Christ Reformation commemorations are being planned using the LWF-Vatican Common Prayer Look for events in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Sudbury, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Lunenburg. There will surely be others!


Helpful link:

From Conflict to Communion

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB)



10. Reformation 2017


Reformation 2017 Themes and Goals

The ELCIC has adopted The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)'s Reformation (2017) themes and goals. The over-arching theme is Liberated by God's Grace with the three sub-themes: (1) Salvation - Not for Sale!; (2) Human Beings - Not for Sale!; and (3) Creation - Not for Sale! The goals are (1) to strengthen communion among member churches; (2) to explore our Lutheran identity; (3) to strengthen ecumenical commitment; and (4) to reaffirm our commitment to justice and peace. These themes and goals were prominent in the 2016 Synod Conventions and assemblies, and were captured in our joint Anglican-Lutheran national youth and worship gatherings. and in our 2016 Advent devotions. These will come to life at our 2017 National Convention.


Helpful links:

Reformation 2017 Themes

Reformation 2017 Flyer


Take the Reformation Challenge!

ELCIC members are encouraged to give expression to being Liberated by God's Grace through the ELCIC Reformation Challenge. Our goals are to:


  • Sponsor 500 refugees to Canada
  • Provide 500 scholarships for ELCJHL schools
  • Plant 500,000 trees in Canada, Palestine and Ethiopia
  • Give $500,000 to the LWF Endowment Fund


To date ELCIC members have made the following commitments to the Reformation Challenge:



Let us know your commitment by telling us what you, your congregation, your family and your community pledge to do. Please click here to get more information on how to get started!


Would you like to receive weekly highlights on the Reformation Challenge in your inbox? Email info@elcic.ca with Subscribe - Reformation Challenge in the subject line.


Looking for ways you and your congregation can get involved? Be inspired by these stories:

From 20 books to 2 scholarships

ELCIC congregation sets goals to engage in Reformation Challenge

ELCIC congregation makes Reformation Challenge missional priority


Reformation Theme Reflections

Here's some great continuing ed material! Theological reflections for study groups are contained in four booklets which are the work of authors and scholars from across our global Communion of Churches. Topics include the migration of peoples (including refugees); climate change; land expropriation; the prosperity gospel; and sustainable human existence. These are excellent resources for ministerial study groups and ecumenical conversations. Consider planning a study with area colleagues!


Helpful links:

Reformation Reflections

ELCIC Reformation 2017 Webpage

LWF Reformation 2017 Website

LWF Assembly Website



11. Compassionate Justice Updates


KAIROS: MMIWG Information Hub

KAIROS has launched a new Information Hub on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). The goals of this hub include strengthening solidarity and support for victims and their families; being informed about the inquiry; find resources for advocacy and action; and others. To learn more, please click here.


Mining Justice: Open for Justice

Make Canada Open for Justice by enacting an extractive-sector Ombudsperson and facilitating access to Canadian courts for those harmed by the international operations of Canadian resource extraction companies. KAIROS invites you to write a letter to your MP in support of mining justice. In the 2013 Joint Declaration the ELCIC committed to supporting Responsible Resource Extraction.


On the 24th of each month: Pray for Peace in the Holy Land

This international prayer vigil for peace which began on December 24, 2012, is needed now as much as ever. To view the letter of invitation to pray for the Middle East, please click on the following link:

National Bishop Invites Church to Pray for Peace in The Middle East


Lutheran Theological Journal Consensus is Online

You may be interested to check-out the latest issue of the Lutheran theological journal Consensus online by clicking here. Its Volume 37, Issue 1 (2016) is Journeying Together toward Truth and Reconciliation. Most recent contributors include First Nations people writing about what reconciliation after the TRC might look like in church contexts, including some of the challenges and gifts we may encounter.


New Doctrine of Discovery Resource

Yours, Mine, Ours: Unravelling the Doctrine of Discovery is a new resource from Mennonite Church Canada.To get more information, please click here. In 2015, the ELCIC repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery and encouraged members to reflect on our own national and church history.


Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice Network

The ELCIC is seeking to create a network of members who are interested in issues of criminal justice and restorative justice. Network members will receive periodic updates on resources available and may be invited to give input on this area of work.


If you are interested in being part of this network, please contact Rev. Paul Gehrs, Assistant to the Bishop for Justice and Leadership at pgehrs@elcic.ca. In July 2015, the ELCIC National Convention adopted a Resolution on the Criminal Justice and Correctional Systems in Canada. For more details, please click here.


12. Healthy Church Updates


Continuing Education Plan (CEP)

What is your plan for continuing education in 2017? Members of CEP are able to use their individual account to develop skills and experience growth for effective ministry. When engaged in a study toward an advanced degree, plan members are eligible to apply for long-term study grants. Continuing Education Plan Forms can be found by clicking here.


A Helpful Online Resource and Networking Tool for Interfaith Groups

The Interfaith Resource Directoryi is an exciting new grassroots initiative of The Canadian Council of Churches. The Directory is an online resource and networking tool that helps interfaith groups spread the word and connect with other interfaith initiatives across the country. Is your community involved in an interfaith effort? If so, we invite you to participate by adding your group's information. Registration takes only a few minutes. Questions? Contact Robert Smith at cirg@councilofchurches.ca.


Interfaith Resource Directory www.councilofchurches.ca/interfaith-directory .


Share Your Stories On Interfaith Work

The Canadian Council of Churches is seeking to shine a light on the interfaith work being done across Canada. If you are interested in sharing your story on the CCC website, contact Robert Smith at cirg@councilofchurches.ca. The ELCIC is represented on both the Canadian Interfaith Conversationand the CCC's Canadian Interfaith Reference Group.



13. Effective Partnerships Updates


CCS Job Opportunity - Looking For A New Principal

The Centre for Christian Studies (CCS) is a national theological school based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with roots in the Anglican Church of Canada and The United Church of Canada.  Our mission is to educate leaders for justice, compassion, and transformation.  We prepare women and men for diverse ministries of diakonia (service) in both the church and world.


The principal of the Centre for Christian Studies will be a person who is deeply formed by Biblical values with a commitment to justice, to the empowering of others through transformative learning, and to a collaborative, collegial, and non-hierarchical work-style.  The principal will build upon a valued history of visionary leadership.  Familiarity with the Anglican and United Church communities and a strong understanding and commitment to diaconal ministry will also be essential.


The job ad for the position with links to the job description and an information package is available at http://ccsonline.ca/job-postings/  


Luther Village: Executive Director and Camp Manager Positions Open

Luther Village is a vibrant Christian community, nestled on the beautiful shores of Dogtooth Lake about 30 minutes from Kenora, Ontario or 3 hours from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Luther Village is currently looking for qualified individuals to fill the positions of Executive Director and Camp Manager. For a full description of the jobs offered, please click on the links below.


Executive Director (position will remain open until it's filled)

Job description:



Camp Manager (position is open until January 19)

Job description:



For more information on Luther Village, please visit www.luthervillage.ca.


CLWR Global Encounter to Jordan and the Holy Land



Join Canadian Lutheran World Relief in early 2018 for our Global Encounter to Jordan and the Holy Land. Experience first-hand the religious, cultural, social and political context of Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. For itinerary highlights and registration details visit: http://wp.me/p1PvM-XM  


CLWR Launches New Project to Improve Learning Environments in Jordan


Robert Granke, CLWR Executive Director, at the project launch.

Photo: LWF-Jordan/Naomi Boase


On December 15, the new project Improved Learning Environments for Children in Irbid Governorate launched in Amman, Jordan. The project will renovate, repair and/or upgrade the infrastructure of 75 schools. Additionally the project will provide training for education staff on hygiene promotion; environmental awareness; movements, games and sport; child protection; and non-violent communication. This four-year project is now in effect thanks to your support and funding from Global Affairs Canada. It is being implemented by Lutheran World Federation-Jordan and the Government of Jordan’s Ministry of Education.



14. Tell Your Story


Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to communique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!



15. Share These Resources


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