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1. ELCIC and ACC Work Together in Vital and Healthy Parishes Consultation Meeting


Anglicans and Lutherans gathered this spring in Niagara Falls, Ont. for the second annual Vital and Healthy Parishes consultation. This three-day meeting built on the previous year's consultation which saw an increased participation among Lutherans and smaller Anglican dioceses.


To read this news release, please click on this link: Vital and Healthy Parishes Consultation builds on gains in second year



2. Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Closing Events


In a letter issued on May 20, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada's (ELCIC) National Bishop Susan C. Johnson invites the church "into prayer for the closing events of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and for renewal in our commitments to healing and reconciliation."


"I begin by acknowledging the survivors of residential schools and their families who continue to live with the legacy of this tragic chapter in Canadian history. I offer my prayers for your continuing courage, strength, wisdom and healing. And I offer my prayers for all of us as we engage together the work of promoting right and renewed relationships," said Bishop Johnson.


Read the full letter here: http://www.elcic.ca/news.cfm?article=414



3. 2015 National Convention


Bulletin of Reports Now Available

The Bulletin of Reports for the 2015 National Convention is now available online. To view this document which is divided into separate sections for easy download, please click on the following link: Bulletin of Reports


Countdown to Convention

Highlights and information on our upcoming National Convention are available in our new Countdown to Convention e-newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to this weekly newsletter (that will run until the 2015 National Convention), email info@elcic.ca and indicate Subscribe to Convention in the subject line.


2015 National Convention Updates

Keep posted on all the latest updates and information on our 2015 National Convention by visiting the website at http://elcic.ca/In-Convention/2015-Edmonton/default.cfm. Please check back often.



4. Canada Lutheran - Share Your Story To Inspire

Every congregation has stories that others find interesting and sometimes inspire them to try something similar. You can share those stories and photos with the wider church by sending them to your synod editor for your synod's pages in Canada Lutheran. The following is a list of our synod editors and their email contact information.


British Columbia: Judy Whaley deacjudy09@yahoo.ca

Alberta & the Territories: Colleen McGinnis mail@caelinartworks.com

Saskatchewan: Anno Bell clsaskeditor@gmail.com

Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario: Rick Scherger rscherger@elcic.ca

Eastern: Liz Zehr ezehr@elcic.ca



5. 2015 Praise Appeal Materials Now Available


Liberated by God's Grace: Creation - Not for Sale

Many congregations around the ELCIC participated in the 2014 ELCIC Praise Appeal - thank you for your partnership in this important ministry! This year, the ELCIC Praise Appeal Theme, Liberated by God's Grace: Creation - Not for Sale, echoes The Lutheran World Federation theme for the commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.


You will see the ELCIC lift up this theme of Liberated by God's Grace and it's three subthemes (Creation - Not for Sale, Salvation - Not for Sale, and Human Beings - Not for Sale) over the next three years as we participate in the international and ecumenical commemoration. The commemoration gives us the opportunity to remember and reflect on the Reformation and what it means for us now, living as Lutheran people within the whole body of Christ.


Help us continue this work by holding a Praise Appeal service in your congregation. Resources can be found online at http://elcic.ca/praiseappeal/2015Resources.cfm and consider making a personal donation to the ELCIC Praise Appeal (this can be done as a designated ELCIC Praise Appeal offering through your congregation) or online at elcic.ca and clicking on DONATE NOW.



6. Compassionate Justice Updates


#22 Days of Prayer for Reconciliation

Our Full Communion partner, the Anglican Church of Canada has issued an invitation into 22 Days of prayer and renewal in our commitment to healing and reconciliation among all people. These 22 Days will take us to the National Aboriginal Day on Sunday, June 21st. For more information, visit the website at www.22days.ca .


Federal Election Resource 2015

Several ecumenical organizations have prepared this resource on federal elections. It identifies a range of priority issues; offers sample questions which you can ask about candidates; and provides links to resources where you can learn more. Directly participating in the political process through voting is a primary benefit of membership in a representative democracy. The issues raised here are matters of concern before, during and after elections. Click here to access this resource.



7. Spirited Discipleship Updates


CLAY 2016

The Next Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) Gathering will take place on August 18-21, 2016 in Charlottetown, PEI. Keep posted on updates by visiting www.claygathering.ca .



8. Healthy Church Updates


2016 Companion of the Worship Arts

The Companion of the Worship Arts is an honor bestowed on individuals in recognition of significant contributions made to the worship life of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). Conferred in the ELCIC since 1996, the honour recognizes ongoing inspiration and encouragement to others, and service to God, through worship, spirituality and the arts. The honour is presented at the National Worship Conference, which takes place every two years.


In 2016, the 20th Anniversary of the ELCIC Companion of the Worship Arts will be conferred at the joint ACC - ELCIC National Worship Conference, Formation & Reformation, to be held in Waterloo, Ontario on July 24 - 27, 2016. Look for nomination information on the Companion of the Worship Arts webpage.


2016 National Worship Conference

Details are coming together beautifully for the joint Anglican Church of Canada and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada's 2016 National Worship Conference. The event will take place in Waterloo, Ontario, July 24-27 under the theme “Formation & Reformation: Worship, Justice and God’s Mission”.


With an emphasis on justice and mission, the National Worship Conference brings together presenters and participants from across Canada to explore the worship life of the church. The 2016 keynote addresses will be given by The Rev. Dr. Bruce Jenneker (Cape Town, South Africa) and The Rev. Dr. Stephen Larson (New Hamburg, Ontario). Look to the National Worship Conference website for details.


Reformation 2017 Commemoration

The ELCIC has marked out 2015-2017 to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (2017). We have adopted The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)’s goals which are (1) to strengthen communion among member churches; (2) to explore our Lutheran identity; and (3) to strengthen ecumenical commitment. The overall commemorative theme is “Liberated by God’s Grace.” These themes are explained on the LWF’s Reformation 2017 website and the ELCIC's.


Luther Reading Challenge

As we approach the 500th anniversary of the posting of the Ninety-Five Theses on October 31, 2017, Martin Luther is going to be a significant topic of conversation and debate. That is where the Luther Reading Challenge comes in. An assortment of the reformer's writings will be presented online for everyone to read and to reflect upon. The texts range from Luther's personal letters and hymns to his doctrinal and social treatises to his catechisms and his will. Each text is prefaced with an introduction to orient the reader. The reading part is just the beginning. Readers can also participate in online discussions. You simply have to register! This is a joint venture of The Lutheran World Federation and the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg.




9. Effective Partnerships Updates


2015 Canadian Forum on Inter-Church Dialogues

The Canadian Council of Churches' Commission on Faith and Witness is partnering with the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism (PCE) and the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism (CCE) to host the 2015 Canadian Forum on Inter-Church Dialogues at the Prairie Centre. It will be offered in conjunction with the PCE's Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation 2015. Both of these programs are extremely worthwhile. A number of Lutherans already plan to attend and will provide leadership. Details are available at the Prairie Centre website.


Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace

The Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace is an initiative of the World Council of Churches (WCC) to engage "with the most important issues of justice and peace, healing a world filled with conflict, injustice and pain." The Canadian churches are focusing on seven broad pilgrimage themes: climate, food, land, peace, poverty, racism and reconciliation. Resources are being prepared and gathered across denominations and will be shared in the months to come. A new WCC Pilgrimage website has just gone live.


Global Young Reformers Network

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) invites you to be part of the Global Young Reformers Network. This LWF program was created by and for youth to encourage participation in all aspects of the life of the church. Find out more by clicking here.


NAAC: Transform Your Congregations From Membership to Discipleship

Learn more about how to transform your congregation from membership to discipleship using the ancient faith formation process known as the Catechumenate. Rediscovered by many Protestant and Roman Catholic congregations in Canada and the United States, it is a journey into a deeper faith walk and baptismal living. The North American Association for the Catechumenate (NAAC) partners with the ELCIC, the ELCA and other Protestant denominations in North America to provide faith formation resources and training for congregational leaders. Pastor Rick Rouse, NAAC President, will be present at the ELCIC National Convention in Edmonton in July to visit with interested pastors and lay leaders.


Upcoming events include the Annual Gathering in Baltimore, Maryland, July 30-Aug. 1, featuring Jessicah Duckworth and Paul Hoffman speaking on the theme Transforming Congregations Through Spiritual Practice: Creating a Discipleship Community. Also a Catechumenate Training Institute will be offered on Oct 1-3, at St. John's Lutheran Church in Sacramento, Calif. in collaboration with Trinity Cathedral and the Episcopal Church of St. Martins. Scholarships for seminarians and first-call pastors are available for both events. Contact registrar Devra Betts at devrabetts@gmail.com. For more information and online registration, check out the NAAC website.


CLWR World Refugee Day Resources and Events

World Refugee Day is June 20. To lift up the stories, perseverance and contributions of refugees in your community and around the world, Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) is offering a Refugee Sunday worship resource, activities for Sunday schools and youth groups and other learning resources about refugee experiences. You can see CLWR at WRD events in the Waterloo region, Vancouver and Victoria. This year CLWR’s World Refugee Day fundraiser is for Quick Kits - a $15 donation helps send school supplies to a refugee child. For more information please visit www.clwr.org/WRD.


CLWR: Nepal Earthquake Relief

The outpouring of support for people affected by the earthquake in Nepal has been outstanding. As of May 25, the joint appeal between the ELCIC, Lutheran Church-Canada and CLWR received over $280,000 in donations. To read more about your support in action please click here: https://clwr.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/your-donations-at-work-in-nepal/



10. Tell Your Story


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