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Advocating for Peace in the Holy Land
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1. 2018 CWA Recipients Named

In the continuing spirit of full communion, the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 Companion of the Worship Arts (CWA).


The ELCIC recipient of the CWA award for 2018 is Rev. Eric Dyck. He's the pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, Montreal.


Blanche Kate Gates is this year's Anglican recipient of the CWA award.


The CWA is awarded every two years in recognition of significant contributions to the worship life of both churches. Since 2014, one Anglican and one Lutheran recipient receive the honour, recognizing ongoing inspiration and encouragement to others, and service to God, through worship, spirituality and the arts.


The CWA awards are to be presented at the 2018 National Lutheran and Anglican Worship Conference, Responding to Disaster: Prayer, Song, Presence, taking place from July 16-19 in British Columbia.


To view the news release posted on our ELCIC website, please click here.


2. Advocating for Peace in the Holy Land

On May 17, 2018, ELCIC National Bishop Susan C. Johnson wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of Foreign Affairs, expressing concern over the current situation in Israel-Palestine. To read the letter, please click here.

3. Global Day of Prayer to End Famine - June 10

Along with Canadian Lutheran World Relief and Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the ELCIC Invites Canadians to join Christians around the world in a Global Day of Prayer to End Famine on June 10. We are invited to "stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers to support them to realize a future free of extreme poverty, hunger and violence." The call for a Global Day of Prayer comes from the All Africa Conference of Churches, the World Council of Churches and the World Evangelical Alliance.

4. National Indigenous Peoples Day: June 21

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. To find out more information and to access promotional resources provided by the Government of Canada, please click here. In addition, the Anglican Church of Canada also provides resources to be used for National Indigenous Day of Prayer. To find out more and to avail of these resources, please click here.

5. Announcing the 2018 Women of Faith Fund Recipients

The ELCIC Women of Faith Fund provides annual grants that encourage and facilitate the Christ-centred ministry of women within the ELCIC and In Mission for Others.

This year, the Women of Faith Fund received many applications and we would like to thank everyone who submitted. The following 25 projects have been approved by the advisory committee of the Women of Faith Fund to receive grants for the year 2018.

  • Single Parent Family Camp, ABT - $ 4,300
  • Making of Quilts for CLWR & Local Charities, BC - $ 1,500
  • Hands of Hope Quilting, BC - $ 750
  • Kate’s Place Quilts, SK - $ 550
  • Masibumbane Sewing Project, BC - $ 1,000
  • Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Quilting Group, BC - $ 1,500
  • Lutheran-Anglican Women’s Retreat 2018, SK - $ 500
  • Sandwiches for the Homeless, ABT - $ 1,200
  • Baby Bundles for CLWR, Eastern - $ 500
  • Comfort Quilts, BC - $ 1,000
  • Sunday Lunch at the Urban Mission, MNO - $ 750
  • Transition Kits for the Homeless, MNO - $ 2,500
  • Peace Lutheran Church Layettes, BC - $ 2,500
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Outreach Ministries: Quilts & Blankets, SK - $ 900
  • Young Adult Dinners, BC - $ 1,500
  • Our Saviour’s Lutheran Women’s Quilting Group, BC - $ 1,200
  • Joy in the Journey, Eastern Synod Women’s Retreat, Eastern - $ 4,000
  • Uncovering Grief Conference, ABT - $ 4,000
  • Quilters and Knitters for Others, BC - $ 1,200
  • Faith Outreach Ministry, Eastern - $ 6,000
  • Women’s Circle, ABT - $ 3,000
  • Crafting Ladies Energetically Valuing Enterprise & Relationships (CLEVER), BC - $ 700
  • CLWR Sewing Kits, ABT - $ 750
  • Trinity Lutheran Church Knotty Knitters, BC - $ 500
  • Organizing Justice: A Collaboration with Greater Edmonton Alliance (GEA) - $ 4,000

Total projects approved amount to $46,300 from an available $46,330. For more information on the Women of Faith Fund, please click here.


6. National Anglican & Lutheran Worship Conference

The 2018 National Anglican & Lutheran Worship Conference's Responding to Disaster: Prayer, Song, Presence will take place at the Inn at Laurel Point, Christ Church Cathedral and Lutheran Church of the Cross in Victoria, BC on July 16-19, 2018. This year's theme - Responding to Disaster: Prayer, Song, Presence acknowledges the experience of communities large and small to storms, fires, earthquakes, and violence. How can worship be a community resource and response?

The Rev. Dr. Lizette Larson-Miller will be the presenter and Chad Fothergill will serve as the conference musician. The conference will conduct workshops for musicians, worship planners, presiders and all involved with worship in our communities. Ready to register? Please click here.

7. CLAY Registration Now LIVE

Every two years, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) host a national gathering of youth and their leaders. CLAY 2018 will take place on August 15-19, 2018 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. To register for threads, please click here. General information surrounding CLAY 2018 can be found at: www.claygathering.ca.


If you are planning on attending CLAY but haven't registered yet, please make sure you do as soon as possible.

Humans of CLAY Theme Song
Over the past few months, you've met some of our Humans of CLAY over social media. People who have been involved in CLAY in the past. People who want to share their favourite moments at CLAY, what they look forward to the most in the months leading up to a gathering, how many gatherings they've attended, or anything else about CLAY. Our latest Humans of CLAY are the band and drama teams, as well as the production team! Check-out their stories on our website by clicking here and follow CLAY on Instagram @claygathering and on Facebook: Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering.

Theme Song
The 2018 theme song, O Great Weaver, is now available on the CLAY website at: http://claygathering.ca/threads-theme-song/
Chord and lyric sheets are also available on the site. Listen and strum along as you start to get to know our new theme song!

Pre-Gathering Bible Study
The CLAY 2018 pre-gathering bible study can be accessed on the event website by clicking here. Go to the resources tab and you can download the document from there.

8. Order Your Free Copies of Our 2017 Annual Report

The 2017 Annual Report of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) is now available. If your congregation would like to get free copies, please send an email to orders@elcic.ca.

9. Courageous Innovation

Public Ministry in the ELCIC: A Preliminary Draft

In May 2015, the ELCIC's National Church Council (NCC) directed the Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee (FOD) to study orders of ministry with particular attention to diakonia and Diaconal Ministry. FOD surveyed recent and historic literature, consulted ELCIC scholars, spent a day with our diaconal community, and in 2016 released a study guide entitled To Love Our Neighbour as Ourselves: A Study of Orders of Ministry in the ELCIC. Since then, FOD has considered responses and has now produced a document which builds upon its earlier work. It is called Public Ministry in the ELCIC - A Preliminary Draft. It is an aspirational document.

Bishop Susan Johnson writes: "For the next few months I'm inviting all expressions of the church to review, reflect and respond in particular to the principles and possibilities elaborated in Section 4 and the preliminary recommendations made in Section 5." FOD has requested that Public Ministry in the ELCIC be circulated to the whole church for review, reflection and response:

  • Synods might invite their Council and various committees to give Public Ministry some thought and to respond accordingly.
  • Seminaries and schools might wish to offer ideas from their perspectives in teaching and formation;
  • Deans might gather their Area or Conference networks to study the document and respond from their unique contexts or settings;
  • Bishops, pastors and deacons might pull a local --or Skype or Zoom!-- study together to offer insights from their particular rostered community;
  • Lay folks would be especially welcome to get together and give FOD their input.


Next fall, FOD will take into consideration all responses to produce a final draft of this paper. Material should be sent as an MS Word file in an email labelled "FOD - Public Ministry" c/o alavergne@elcic.ca. Responses are due by Sunday, September 30, 2018.

10. Empowered Disciples

"Thank You" from the Task Force  on Decisions at the End of Life

The Task Force on Decisions at the End of Life would like to thank everyone who participated in a conversation on Medical Assistance in Dying and everyone who sent input in response to the study. The Task Force will be reporting to National Church Council in September 2018 and next steps will be reported out in the fall.


Continuing Education Plan (CEP)

What is your congregation's ministry plan? The ELCIC Continuing Education Plan (CEP) offers plan members (ELCIC lay employees and rostered ministers) resources for developing knowledge and skills that help your community live out your particular call to participate in God's mission. Continuing education can be done through workshops, classes, retreats, guided groups, individual coaching and spiritual direction. For more details, please click here.


Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation

The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism offers an excellent Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation. This year's program will be offered on July 10-13 at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Saskatoon, and will feature visiting scholars. The Rev. Dr. Sandra Beardsall and The Most Rev. Donald Bolen, both are highly respected and active in ecumenism, nationally and internationally. Complete details for this continuing education opportunity are found at: http://pcecumenism.ca/content/program-ecumenical-studies-and-formation-2018 . Early bird registration pricing is available.


Parliament of the World's Religions in Canada

The next international gathering of the Parliament of the World's Religions will be held in Toronto, November 1-7, 2018. The Parliament, which is open to all, provides a rich context in which to explore the astonishing variety of expressions of faith in the world today. The event represents a terrific close-to-home continuing education possibility. A number of ELCIC leaders will attend including Assistant to the Bishop Andre Lavergne. To visit the Parliament website, please click here.

11. Reconciled Relationships

Engage Difference! Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry

November 26-30, 2018, Barrie, ON

Five days focused on faith, heart, mind, and skills for the art of intercultural ministry. This session has a particular focus on smaller urban and urbanizing communities. Training offered by the Forum for Intercultural Learning and Leadership (FILL) of The Canadian Council of Churches. Get more information and register online by clicking here.


Designing a Racial Justice Workshop

Have you been asked to lead a racial justice workshop and don't know where to start? FILL is offering an October 20 participative workshop led by the experienced workshop designers and facilitators of the Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network, a component of FILL.


  • Experience elements of successful workshops
  • Receive tips on design, process, and pitfalls
  • Opportunity to design your own workshop with others


For more details, please click here.


Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Security



KAIROS Canada is thrilled to announce a renewed collaboration with the Government of Canada to deliver Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Secuirty in Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Philippines, South Sudan, and the West Bank. Global Affairs Canada will inject $4.5 million over the years to support the work of five grassroots women-focused organizations that help to heal female victims of war while empowering them to be peace builders. KAIROS needs to raise funds to match the government's contribution and we need your help! Every dollar you donate to our Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Security partners will generate an additional $3 in funding from Global Affairs Canada. Please click here to learn more.


12. One Body Working Together


Waterloo Ministries Directory - Spring 2018 Edition

The Spring 2018 edition of the Waterloo Ministries Directory is available on the ELCIC website. The Directory lists ministries where Anglicans and Lutherans are working together and takes its name from the "Waterloo Declaration" which saw Canadian Anglicans and Lutherans enter our full-communion relationship. The directory is revised twice a year. Please forward any additions/revisions for the Fall, 2018 edition to Rev. Andre Lavergne, Assistant to the Bishop, Ecumenical and Interfaith, at alavergne@elcic.ca .


CLWR: Make Room at the Table


Make Room at the Table is a way for you to make a place at your table and connect with refugees - to invite them as guests and to share a meal with them. Through the experience you will learn more about refugees, pray for those who have been displaced, and give from your blessings to help provide shelter, food, water and other crucial support to refugees supported by CLWR.

Learn more: https://www.clwr.org/news-events/make-room-table .


CLWR: Global Day of Prayer to End Famine - June 10



Canadian Foodgrains Bank, of which Canadian Lutheran World Relief is a member, invites Canadians to join Christians around the world in a Global Day of Prayer to End Famine on June 10. Learn more and download resources: https://www.clwr.org/news-events/global-day-prayer-end-famine-june-10 .

13. Schools and Seminaries

WLS Welcomes New Faculty Member


Rev. Dr. Gyeong Kim is the new assistant professor, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at WLS. (Photo credit: WLS)


Waterloo Lutheran Seminary recently welcomed Rev. Dr. Gyeong Kim as its new assistant professor, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy. He started his position on May 1. Kim is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and was a licensed professional counsellor in the state of Georgia. He will be teaching spiritual wellness, family of origin therapy, and global Christianity. Kim joins the seminary's complement of a dozen regular faculty members. The majority of the seminary's 170+ registered students are enrolled in the MA in Theology program's field of Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy. The program grew out of the school's longstanding pastoral counselling program. For the latest WLS news, see the monthly newsletter at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S08TsK3kbTq1mW8PhY7ywrXFOP8j55B-/view or visit the seminary's Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/WaterlooLutheranSeminary/ .


Apply to Live in Luther College's Residence and Enjoy Savings

Pay for your Luther Residence fee by August 15, 2018 and save up to $225! Apply to live in Luther College's Residence and not only will you get a private dorm room including free wifi, phone and laundry, and an all-you-can-eat meal plan, but you can also apply for $20,000 in Luther College Residence Scholarships and choose to live in our specialized Pre-Professional Living Learning Community! Visit luthercollege.edu/residence for more information.


14.Tell Your Story

Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to communique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!

15. Share These Resources

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