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1. 2019 National Convention Updates

The 2019 National Convention will take place in Regina, Saskatchewan at the Centre for Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina from July 11-13, 2019.


Delegate Registration Package

The Registration Package is now available on our ELCIC website. Online registration will be available starting March 1, 2019 and will be closed to delegates on April 12, 2019.


Sponsors and Exhibitors Information Package

Opportunities exist for sponsorship or attending as an exhibitor at the convention. The Sponsorship and Exhibitor Packages are now available on our convention website by clicking here.


Volunteers Needed for the 2019 National Convention

The Local Arrangements Committee for the 2019 National Convention is recruiting volunteers to assist during the convention. If you live in Regina and would like to be involved as a volunteer, please email nationalconvention@elcic.ca. Areas where help is needed are the following:


  • Registration
  • Information Desk
  • Transportation
  • Usher
  • Steward
  • Office


Submission of Petitions

The deadline for submission of petitions from the synods or congregations to the National Secretary for inclusion in the Bulletin of Reports is on March 29.


Stay Up-to-Date With Our National Convention Updates!

Keep posted on all the latest updates and information on our 2019 National Convention by visiting the ELCIC website at http://elcic.ca/In-Convention/2019-Regina/default.cfm .

2. Images for ELCIC Worship Bulletin Covers

The Program Committee for Worship of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) is putting out a call for images of people in mission, to be used on worship bulletin covers for the 2018-2019 liturgical year. The images of people in mission can be as diverse as your imagination. For full details on the submission requirements for the second half of the bulletin series, please click here. Images must be submitted by March 18, 2019.

3. Joint Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada

National Bishop Susan C. Johnson of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada together with Archbishop Fred Hiltz and Bishop Mark MacDonald of the Anglican Church of Canada have written a joint letter to the Prime Minister regarding the creation of an Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise. To view the joint letter, please click here.


It has been over a year since this position was promised by the federal government but it has not yet happened. Additional background can be found on the KAIROS website.


4. ELCIC Calendar of Events


You and your congregation can be informed of ELCIC's calendar of events. For a sneak peek of what's coming up and to help prepare you and your congregation for any upcoming events, please click here.


5. Canada Lutheran: We Want Your Photos

If you enjoy taking photos, please turn your camera lens, imagination and creativity on the art, architecture, activity and people of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Canada Lutheran is available to display your talent through in sight on the inside back cover page. Send your digital photographs with a brief description to editor@elcic.ca with "in sight" in the subject line. A high resolution of at least 300 dpi is preferred.

Enjoy Reading Canada Lutheran With Our Individual Subscription Plan

For more than three decades, Canada Lutheran continues to nurture the Lutheran spirit by providing information, inspiration and interpretation of particular interest and benefit with to the members of the Evangelical Lutheran in Canada (ELCIC). Published eight times a year, every issue of Canada Lutheran is packed with feature articles that explore our faith and its role in our lives and of those around us.


If you haven't subscribed yet, act now by sending an email to: canaluth@elcic.ca . Individual subscriptions are available. Please click here to find out more. If you'd like to discover what Canada Lutheran is all about, please go to www.canadalutheran.ca .


6. Healing Poverty: Reflecting the Root Causes and Spiritual Impact of Poverty


The Commission on Justice and Peace of The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) recently released a new report called "Healing Poverty." The report examines the spiritual toll of poverty on our society and offers concrete actions that churches can take to tackle poverty in their communities. CCC will appreciate it if you could share the report with your audience and encourage them to download the documents from here.


7. Empowered Disciples

KAIROS Updates:

Streams of Justice: KAIROS Atlantic Gathering



Join KAIROS on May 2-5 at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick for Streams of Justice: KAIROS Atlantic Gathering. Streams of Justice is your opportunity to delve deeper into the social justice commitments that are close to your heart, in the company of others equally committed to working for lasting change. This three-day event which is open to all, will build the Atlantic ecumenical social justice movement; increase participation, diversity, effectiveness and commitment. Learn more and register by clicking here. Please spread the word.


KAIROS: Ask Senators to Pass Bill C-262 (The Declaration)

Bill C-262, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, is in second reading in the Senate. The bill will, if enacted, ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the UN Declaration. Join ecumenical efforts to encourage the Senate to pass this bill. For details, please click here.


New Video on Bill C-262

Watch the newly released video on Bill C-262 featuring ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson, Anglican National Indigenous Bishop Mark MacDonald and Dr. Beverly Jacobs.


Our Whole Society: Identity and Common Ground in an Age of Transition

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation is sponsoring the fourth conference called "Our Whole Society" which aims to foster a new dialogue about the changing role of religion in a pluralistic Canadian society. This conference is going to be held in Toronto, Ont. from April 28-30. For more information, please click here.


Continuing Education Plan (CEP) of the ELCIC

The Continuing Education Plan (CEP) of the ELCIC is a national program intended to encourage and support life-long learning among rostered and non-rostered/lay employees. CEP assists employees in achieving their goals for mission by providing resources for employee education and training. CEP also supports synods and the National Church in encouraging life-long learning across the ELCIC. For more information, please click here.


8. Reconciled Relationships


National Conference on Ending Homelessness - November 4-6

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH), is holding a National Conference on Ending Homelessness arms policy makers, funders, researchers, advocates, community leaders, and front line workers with inspiration, information, tools and training they need to end homelessness. For more information, please click here.


The Call to Faithfully Journey With Those Who Are Dying: Proposed ELCIC Resolution

National Church Council (NCC is recommending to the 2019 National Convention that a new resolution on The Call to Faithfully Journey with those who are Dying be adopted. The proposed resolution, along with resources for theological reflection and Dwelling in the Word, are available here. NCC invites members of the ELCIC to prayerfully consider these matters.


Holy Land Prayer Vigil - 24th of Each Month

On the 24th of each month, the ELCIC joins people around the world in praying for peace in the Holy Land. For more information, please click here.


Canadian Interfaith Conversation: Our Whole Society Conference

On April 28-30, 2019, the Canadian Interfaith Conversation is sponsoring the fourth "Our Whole Society" conference which aims to foster a new dialogue about the changing role of religion in a pluralistic Canadian society. Previously held in Montreal (2013), Vancouver (2015), and Ottawa (2017), and now in Toronto, the gathering brings together leading thinkers from all sectors of society to create a space for meaningful exploration, where a variety of insights can shed light on the place and contribution of religion in a secular age. In this conference, we are building on an approach to discourse that seeks to draw on insights from diverse religious and secular traditions to navigate the challenges of constructing a society that is more robust and unified amidst its diversity. Our three sub-themes are: Rethinking Identity, Addressing Extremism and Polarization, and Technology, Values and Society. To find out more information, please click here. The ELCIC is a founding member of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation.


Forum on Inter-Cultural Leadership and Learning

The Forum on Inter-Cultural Leadership and Learning (FILL) of The Canadian Council of Churches is an ecumenical partnership through which Canadian churches work toward intercultural leadership development and ministry learning in Canada and globally. Through FILL, Canadian churches engage in innovative education and programming; come together for reflection on contemporary issues; participate in dialogue about honouring diversity and God's unequivocal welcome; and networking and support for intercultural ministry. FILL offers an e-newsletter highlighting a wonderful array of programs and initiatives. The most recent issue touched on:


  • Building a Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network
  • United Church of Canada Becoming Intercultural Survey
  • FILL Reference Group Update
  • Academic Credit for FILL Programs
  • A Shalom Approach to Poverty in Canada
  • Looking for Intercultural Resources for Sunday School and Teens
  • 2019 Programs
  • Grow Your Intercultural Skills


To sign-up for the e-newsletter, please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


9. One Body Working Together


Waterloo Ministries Directory

Twice a year, spring and fall, the Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission (JALC) publishes the latest edition of the Waterloo Ministries Directory. The Fall edition is available on the ELCIC website. The Directory lists ministries where Anglicans and Lutherans are working together and takes its name from the "Waterloo Declaration" which saw Canadian Anglicans and Lutherans enter our full-communion relationship. Additions and changes are welcome and will be reflected in the Spring edition. Email them in the format use in the directory to Assistant to the Bishop Andre Lavergne at alavergne@elcic.ca. Stories of deepening Anglican-Lutheran relationships are especially welcome!


With Passion for the Church and the World: LWF Strategy 2019-2024

The Lutheran World Federation recently released With Passion for the Church and the World which sets out the strategic priorities for the coming years. The priorities are (1) supporting churches' presence and vibrant witness in the world and (2) promoting human dignity, justice and peace. The full text is available for download at www.lutheranworld.org/content/resource-lwf-strategy-2019-2024. The Rev. Dr. Martin Junge, General Secretary of The Lutheran World Federation, will be with us at our 2019 National Convention.


Where There's A Will...

How recently have you updated your will? Your will is not just a legal document, it is a testament to your values and priorities. Remember the church and other organizations in your will, offering your lifelong support of those important ministries. Would you like help on how to include the church in your will? Please call or email Trina Gallop Blank, Assistant to the Bishop, Resource Generation at 204-984-9172, tgallop@elcic.ca.


10. Schools and Seminaries


Martin Luther University College Updates:

Circle of Dialogue


Photo courtesy of Elevation Pictures)


Luther Waterloo is pleased to welcome elder and actor Edna Manitowabi as the keynote speaker for our Circle of Dialogue at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 19. Manitowabi played Naomi in the film Indian Horse. Topic: Respecting Indigenous Spirituality in its Own Right. Respondent: The Rev. Rosalyn Elm, Her Majesty's Royal Chaplain, HM Chapel of the Mohawks, Brantford, Ont. This event is free. All are welcome. For more information, visit the listing on the Laurier-Luther event calendar.


Workshop for Psychotherapists



The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre, a community service provided by Martin Luther University College, will be holding a two-day workshop on treating sexual addiction and trauma from sexual betrayal. Dr. Kevin Skinner, the workshop leader, is the co-founder and clinical director of Addo Recovery. A licensed marriage and family therapist, he has authored the best-selling books Treating Pornography Addiction and Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal. Workshop is on April 26 and 27. Cost is $450. Early bird $390 for those registered by March 31. Student pricing available on the registration website. Deadline to register is on April 19. To register, go to bit.ly/GlebeWorkshop.


Luther College: Student Scholarships and Bursaries

Luther College at the University of Regina offers over $100,000 in awards to Luther students each year as part of our commitment to student success. Did you know that one of these awards is funded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC)? The ELCIC Bursary is given each year to an entering or continuing student who intends to pursue leadership in ministry and is an active member of an ELCIC congregation. In 2019, two $750 bursaries will be awarded to Luther students. Our online scholarship application form is open from March 15 to May 15, 2019. Visit our website by clicking here.


LTS Updates:

Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon (LTS) is happy to share its Winter Newsletter! Get updates on our Advent Matching Appeal and learn new ways students are studying at LTS. Please click here to start reading.


The LTS Annual Study Conference: Breaking Open the Church

The LTS Annual Study Conference brochure and registration is now available. Under the theme "Breaking Open the Church - Making Space for Reconciliation in the Church," we are pleased to have Bishop Mark MacDonald (first Indigenous Anglican Bishop) as our guest speaker. There will also be a panel discussion and an alumni/donor dinner at University Club. Please make sure to check it out when you click here.

11. Tell Your Story

Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to ommunique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!

12. Share These Stories

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