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1. Set Free By Truth: Lenten Bulletin Inserts from Church Leaders

In photo from left to right: The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, TEC; The Rev. Susan C. Johnson, ELCIC; The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, ELCA; and The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, ACC


A series of eight bulletin inserts on the place where truth-telling and racial justice meet has been prepared by the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Presiding Bishop), The Episcopal Church (The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate), Anglican Church of Canada (The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, Archbishop and Primate), and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (The Rev. Susan C. Johnson, National Bishop). This excellent series is available on the elcic.ca website and includes eight pieces (Ash Wednesday, Lent 1, Lent 2, Lent 3, Lent 4, Lent 5, Palm/Passion Sunday, Triduum/Great three days).

2. CLAY Registration Now LIVE

Every two years, the ELCIC and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) host a national gathering of youth and their leaders. CLAY 2018 will take place on August 15-19, 2018 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. To register for threads, please click here. General information surrounding CLAY 2018 can be found at: www.claygathering.ca.

3. Time for Creation - Worship Resources Request

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada welcomes ideas or ways that congregations can integrate environmental climate justice consciousness into worship experiences. Send your recommendations to Rev. Paul Gehrs, Assistant to the Bishop for Justice and Leadership at pgehrs@elcic.ca.

4. Time to Submit Your Parochial Report

The ELCIC National Office invites all ELCIC congregations to complete their 2017 Parochial Reports. A simplified report is now available for completion by every congregation at their earliest convenience. To start completing the vv2017 Parochial Report, please click here.

5. Public Ministry in the ELCIC - A Preliminary Draft

In May 2015, the ELCIC's National Church Council (NCC) directed the Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee (FOD) to study orders of ministry with particular attention to diakonia and Diaconal Ministry. FOD surveyed recent and historic literature, consulted ELCIC scholars, spent a day with our diaconal community, and in 2016 released a study guide entitled To Love Our Neighbour as Ourselves: A Study of Orders of Ministry in the ELCIC. Since then, FOD has considered responses and has now produced a paper which builds upon its earlier work. It is called Public Ministry in the ELCIC - A Preliminary Draft.


Public Ministry in the ELCIC is an aspirational document. In the preface, Bishop Susan Johnson writes: "In this document we are now invited to live into a new fresh vision for our church. A clear sense of where we are as a Christian community in Canada is set forth in Section 1. This is our real-wordly and contemporary content. Section 2 and 3 offer historical and theological foundations for what emerges as a renewed sense of our church in mission and a clearer understanding of what it means to be called into public ministry (Sections 4 and 5)." She goes on to note "For the next few months I'm inviting all expressions of the church to review, reflect and respond in particular to the principles and possibilities elaborated in Section 4 and the preliminary recommendations made in Section 5."


FOD has requested that Public Ministry in the ELCIC be circulated for review, reflection and response. Next fall, FOD will take into consideration all responses to produce a final draft of this paper. Material should be sent as an MS Word file in an email labelled "FOD - Public Ministry" c/o alavergne@elcic.ca. Responses are due by Sunday, September 30, 2018.

6. Share Your Stories and Ideas with Canada Lutheran

Canada Lutheran creates material for its Of Note page by gleaning the internet and other publications. Each intends to inspire or inform. Sources and internet links are provided when possible for those who want to learn more. You can help to develop this page by passing on such items to editor@elcic.ca when you come across them. Please include as much detail about your sources as possible.

7. Worship Updates

Lenten and Easter Worship Resources for Small Assemblies

ELCIC congregations and ministries are encouraged to use the worship resources found in worship.ca. This collection of weekly resources are intended to support worship in the congregations and ministries of the ELCIC and partner churches by providing information and ideas supplementary to other print and online sources. To go and download these resources, please click here.


National Anglican & Lutheran Worship Conference

Join the National Anglican & Lutheran Worship Conference's Responding to Disaster: Prayer, Song, Presence taking place at the Inn at Laurel Point, Christ Church Cathedral and Lutheran Church of the Cross in Victoria, BC on July 16-19, 2018. Acknowledging the experience of communities large and small to storms, fires, earthquakes, and violence, how can worship be a community resource and response?


The Rev. Dr. Lizette Larson-Miller will be the presenter and Chad Fothergill will serve as the conference musician. The conference will conduct workshops for musicians, worship planners, presiders and all involved with worship in our communities. Ready to register? Please click here.

8. Healthy Church Updates

Lenten Devotion: Being God's Hands

Many of us desire to spend more time in spiritual practice than we do, but often find it challenging to make space for it in our lives. In Lent, we are especially encouraged to make sacrifices or 'fasts' to help draw us into the deeper meaning of the story of Jesus' time in the wilderness. In the spirit of our previous Lenten and Advent online devotional projects, Lutherans Connect invites you to make space for reflection every day. To assist you we will offer (in a daily blog that will be linked to Facebook and Twitter) a daily meditation, bringing together scripture readings, poetry, music and reflections, from a range of ecumenical traditions.


Our theme for this Lenten project comes from Psalm 90, which ends with a petition that God’s work may be manifest in us. “Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the work of our hands. O prosper the work of our hands.” How do we prosper the work of God’s hands with our own, in a world that seems more broken than ever? How has God equipped each of us to serve God’s world with our gifts and talents? One part of our exploration will look at the occupations of Scripture.


As well, we live in a time when we have become aware of the power of physical touch to both harm and heal. Another part of our exploration will look at the ways in which Jesus engaged others in his ministry. From the hemorrhaging woman to the blind man of Bethsaida how does Jesus act in respectful relationship to the bodies of others? A final part of our exploration will see how the people of Scripture uphold and assist each other. What happens when we choose to live as the body of Christ, in love and service with our neighbours and the world?


Join us every day through to Easter. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/870440759795891/


Continuing Education Plan (CEP) Advanced Study Grants

What is your congregation's ministry plan? The ELCIC Continuing Education Plan (CEP) offers plan members (ELCIC lay employees and rostered ministers) resources for developing knowledge and skills that help your community live out your particular call to participate in God's mission. Continuing education can be done through workshops, classes, retreats, guided groups, individual coaching and spiritual direction. For more details, please click here.


Vocational Sunday: April 22, 2018

The ELCIC lifts up the fourth Sunday of Easter as a Day of Prayer for Vocations to Rostered Ministry. Congregations are encouraged to include prayers for this day. Preachers are encouraged to consider making vocation part of the sermon. Individuals are challenged to post their brief reflections on the meaning of vocation via video. Please click here for more details.


World Day of Prayer - Highlights

Did you or your congregation participate in World Day of Prayer? The ELCIC is interested in your highlights. Send your brief story to Rev. Paul Gehrs, Assistant to the Bishop for Justice and Leadership at pgehrs@elcic.ca.

Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation

The Prairie Centre Ecumenism offers an excellent Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation. This year's program will be offered on July 10-13 at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Saskatoon, and will feature visiting scholars. The Rev. Dr. Sandra Beardsall and The Most Rev. Donald Bolen, both are highly respected and active in ecumenism, nationally and internationally. Complete details for this continuing education opportunity are found at: http://pcecumenism.ca/content/program-ecumenical-studies-and-formation-2018 . Early bird registration pricing is available.


Parliament of the Word's Religions

The next international gathering of the Parliament of the World's Religions will be held in Toronto, November 1-7, 2018. The Parliament, which is open to all, provides a rich context in which to explore the astonishing variety of faith representation alive in the world today. The event represents a significant close-to-home continuing education possibility. To visit their website, please click here.


ELCIC Interfaith Relationships

Delegates to the 2017 ELCIC National Convention approved Encountering People of Other Faiths: ELCIC Interfaith Guidelines. This document encourages and assists ELCIC people to greet their neighbours of other faiths. Perhaps your congregation or community might make it a part of your Lenten program to meet the people from a nearby synagogue, mosque or temple? If you are greeting people from the local mosque, you might wish to have a copy of the next item as an object of conversation somewhere down the road. Both documents are keeping with Welcoming the Stranger which the ELCIC adopted in 2015.


Muslim-Christian Relationships

In 2017, the ELCIC approved a Statement to Muslims in Canada. This document, which has been very well received in the Muslim community, is useful to all who are interested in deepening relations with their Muslim neighbour.

9. Compassionate Justice

Study Guide for Conversations on Medical Assistance in Dying

The deadline for input on decisions at the end of life has been extended until April 30, 2018. Input from across this church is a vital component in reviewing and updating the ELCIC's policies. The ELCIC Study Guide for Conversations on Medical Assistance in Dying is intended to help initiate meaningful conversations, and to be an invitation to offer input. Please pray for the Decisions at the End of Life Task Force as this process continues. Please click here to find out more.


KAIROS: International Women's Day Video

On International Women's Day (March 8), KAIROS released a video that honours and celebrates two women of courage: Agnes Wasuk and Awak Deng from the National Women's Programme of the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC), a KAIROS partner. The video profiles the 2017 KAIROS No Mas II tour and the vital work of the National Women's Program of the SSCC. To watch the video, please click here.


Show Support for Effective Human Rights Ombudsperson Office

National Bishop Susan Johnson has written to the Minister of International Trade expressing support for the creation of the new Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Business Enterprise. To view the letter, please click here.


Let Justice Roll - UN Declaration

Bill C-262 is private member's bill intended to ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This bill is currently working its way through Parliament.

Let Justice Roll is a resource designed to help you understand the importance of the UN Declaration.

10. Effective Partnerships

Waterloo Ministries Directory

The Spring 2018 edtiion of the Waterloo Ministries Directory is being prepared with scores of changes great and small. Produced by the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission (JALC), the Director lists ministries where Anglican and Lutherans are working together and takes its name from the "Waterloo Declaration" which saw Canadian Anglicans and Lutherans enter a full-communion relationship in a celebration at Waterloo, Ontario. Please click here to see the current edition.


World Council of Churches Opportunities

The World Council of Churches has two important openings for senior staff. They are seeking a Director for the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism and a Program Executive for Spiritual Life and Faith and Order. Please click here to get more information. The deadline for applications is on April 30.


Job Posting for Associate Minister at Grace Presbyterian Church

A job posting was made available for the position of Associate Minister at Grace Presbyterian Church in Calgary, Alberta. To find out more on this vacancy, please click here.

11. Seminaries and Schools

Luther College Awards



As part of our commitment to student success, Luther College at the University of Regina offers $100,000 in awards to Luther students each year. Our online application form is open from March 15 to May 15, 2018. Visit www.luthercollege.edu/awards for more information.


LTS Updates

If you would like to receive a newsletter from Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS), please contact the LTS Director of Communication and Development, Rev. Fran Schmidt  to be added to the mailing list or email list. You can reach her at development.office@usask.ca. What's coming up? The LTS Annual Study Conference  and Storaasli Lectures will take place on May 13, 2018. More information can be found in the early winter newsletter.

12. Tell Your Story

Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to communique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!

13. Share These Resources

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