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Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief

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1. Special Appeal: Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), through its partnership with Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR), issues an appeal for prayers and financial support for all those suffering loss due to the wildfires striking northern Alberta and the city of Fort McMurray in particular.


Fort McMurray firefighters are trying to save the city from a massive wildfire that has destroyed homes and businesses, and forced the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta's history. Tens of thousands of people have fled.


Fort McMurray will require a great deal of aid to assist individuals to rebuild their lives. Donations to the appeal will assist in the rebuilding efforts. Emergency funds received will be channeled through the city's Lutheran churches.


Please remember the people who live in Fort McMurray in your prayers and donations.


Donations may also be made by:

1. Making a designated offering donation through any ELCIC congregation.

2. Calling CLWR at 1.800.661.2597 (locally at 204.694.5602) to donate by credit card.

3. Sending a cheque made payable to CLWR and mailed to CLWR, 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0W5. Please indicate that you wish to contribute to "Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief."


2. Day of Prayer for Jerusalem and the Holy Land


Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) are invited to pray for peace for Jerusalem and the Holy Land on Sunday, May 8, 2016.

The ELCIC lifts up the 7th Sunday in Easter for this day of prayer and joins with full communion partner, the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC), who also designates the 7th Sunday in Easter to pray for peace for Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

ELCIC congregations and ministries are encouraged to use the following prayer resources from the ELCIC and ACC: http://www.elcic.ca/Calendar-of-Events/documents/JerusalemHolyLandprayers-2016.pdf



3. 2016 National Worship Conference

The joint Anglican Church of Canada and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada's 2016 National Worship Conference will take place in Waterloo, Ontario, July 24-27 under the theme Formation & Reformation: Worship, Justice and God's Mission.


With an emphasis on justice and mission, the National Worship Conference brings together presenters and participants from across Canada to explore the worship life of the church. The 2016 keynote addresses will be given by The Rev. Dr. Bruce Jenneker (Cape Town, South Africa) and The Rev. Dr. Stephen Larson (New Hamburg, Ontario). Look to the National Worship Conference website for details.



4. Joint Anglican-Lutheran Youth Gathering Sells-Out


When Anglican and Lutheran youth come together for their national gathering later this summer in Charlottetown, P.E.I., they will be doing so with a sold-out crowd.

The National Planning Committee for the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering recently announced that the venue had reached its maximum capacity for the 2016 event and no new registrations will be accepted.

More than 950 people will attend the 2016 CLAY gathering, August 17-24, on the campus of the University of Prince Edward Island, which is the largest conference facility available for the location.


To view the full ELCIC news release, please click on this link: Joint Anglican-Lutheran Youth Gathering Sells-Out



5. Worship Opportunities and Synod Conventions


Are you planning some travel across Canada this summer? If you are looking for worship opportunities, check out the ELCIC's Find a Congregation tool.


And did you know that you can also attend one of the many Synod Conventions that are happening across our church this spring/summer as well? Registering as a visitor is a great way to see what's happening across our church! Find out more by visiting the synod websites.

June 3-5: Saskatchewan Synod Convention, Saskatoon, SK
June 16-18: Synod of Alberta and the Territories Convention, Camrose, AB
June 23-26: Eastern Synod Assembly, Toronto, ON


And don't forget our great national events as well!

May 16-22: Diaconal Ministers Gathering, Winnipeg, MB

July 24-27: National Worship Conference, Waterloo, ON
August 17-21: Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering,

Charlottetown, PEI



6. ELCIC Reformation 2017


Reformation 2017 Themes and Goals

The ELCIC has marked out 2015-2017 to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (2017). We have adopted themes and goals. The overall theme is Liberated by God's Grace with three sub-themes: (1) Salvation - Not for Sale; (2) Human Beings - Not for Sale; and (3) Creation - Not for Sale.


The ELCIC has adopted the The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)'s themes and goals to commemorate the Reformation The overall theme is “Liberated by God’s Grace” with three sub-themes: (1) Salvation - Not for Sale!; (2) Human Beings - Not for Sale!; and (3) Creation - Not for Sale! The goals are (1) to strengthen communion among member churches; (2) to explore our Lutheran identity; (3) to strengthen ecumenical commitment; and (4) to reaffirm our commitment to justice and peace. These themes and goals are prominent in the ELCIC’s ministry, in the 2016 synod assemblies, and are captured in our joint Anglican-Lutheran national youth and worship gatherings.


Click on any of the following resources:

Reformation themes-




Not for Sale! - Youth Gathering- http://www.claygathering.ca/

Formation & Reformation - Worship Conference- http://www.nationalworshipconference.org/



Take the Reformation Challenge!

ELCIC members are encouraged to give expression to being "Liberated by God's Grace" through the ELCIC Reformation Challenge. Our goals are to:


  • Sponsor 500 refugees to Canada
  • Provide 500 scholarships for ELCJHL schools
  • Plant 500,000 trees
  • Give $500,000 to the LWF Endowment Fund


To date ELCIC members have made the following commitments to the Reformation Challenge:

Let us know your commitment by telling us what you, your congregation, your family and your community pledge to do. Please click here to get more information on how to get started!


Lutheran-Roman Catholic Working Group

The ELCIC and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops have convened a Working Group to encourage Lutherans and Catholics to commemorate the Reformation together in 2017. The Working Group plans to produce a five-session Together in Christ - An Ecumenical Commemoration of the Reformation study guide for joint-parish use in 2017. Across Canada, around Reformation Day 2017, regional ecumenical Together in Christ - Common Prayer ecumenical Reformation commemorations are being planned using the newly-published (LWF & Vatican) Common Prayer. Details to come. We invite our ELCIC community to include this important work in the prayers of the faithful.


From Conflict to Communion: http://www.lutheranworld.org/content/resource-conflict-communion-basis-lutheran-catholic-commemoration-reformation-2017


Reformation 2017 Common Prayer

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Vatican have invited Lutherans and Catholics around the world to make use of a jointly-developed Common Prayer to prepare commemorations for the 500 years of the Reformation in 2017. Common Prayer is based upon the themes of From Conflict to Communion. In October 2016, the LWF and Vatican will host an ecumenical Commemoration using Common Prayer in Lund, Sweden, where the LWF was founded in 1947. The Commemoration will be led by Pope Francis and LWF President, Bishop Munib Younan, and General Secretary, Dr. Martin Junge.


Lund Commemoration:


Common Prayer.https://www.lutheranworld.org/content/joint-common-prayer-lutheran-catholic-common-commemoration-reformation-2017


Reformation Theme Reflections

Theological reflections for study groups are contained in four booklets which are the work of authors and scholars from across our global Communion of Churches. Topics include the migration of peoples (including refugees), climate change, land expropriation, the “prosperity gospel” and sustainable human existence. These are excellent resources for ministerial study groups and ecumenical conversations. Consider planning a spring or fall study with area colleagues!


Reformation Reflections: http://2017.lutheranworld.org/content/reflecting-131


Information on Canadian Events

We are gathering news of 2017 Reformation events. Find out more at http://www.elcic.ca/reformation2017/ . If your congregation, community or organization is planning something special for 2017, we would like to hear from you! Give us the who, what, when, where and why of what's happening. If you have any information available online, give us the link! We would like to help remind people of possibilities and assist in getting the word out. Send an email to Assistant to the Bishop for Ecumenical and Interfaith, Rev. Andre Lavergne at alavergne@elcic.ca.



7. 2016 ELCIC Praise Appeal

Resources for holding a Praise Appeal Sunday in 2016 are now available online. The theme for the 2016 ELCIC Praise Appeal, Liberated by God's Grace: Human Beings - Not for Sale, echoes The Lutheran World Federation theme of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. You will see the ELCIC lift up this theme of Liberated by God's Grace and its three sub-themes (Creation - Not for Sale; Salvation - Not for Sale; Human Beings - Not for Sale) over the next three years as we participate in the international and ecumenical commemoration.


Congregations throughout the ELCIC are asked to designate one Sunday in 2016 to highlight this appeal at a time that works best for their local circumstances. View the resources online at elcic.ca/praiseappeal .



8. Compassionate Justice Updates



KAIROS Winds of Change Petition

For 2016, the Winds of Change Campaign focuses on TRC Call to Action #62 that asks all provinces and territories to make age-appropriate curriculum on residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada a mandatory education requirement for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve students.” In Ontario, the petition will be presented to the legislature in the spring. In the rest of the country, signatures will continue to be collected until October 15, 2016. Petitions and info for each province and territory is available at: http://www.kairoscanada.org/what-we-do/indigenous-rights/windsofchange-overview


KAIROS Mass Blanket Exercises

In early June, to mark the first anniversary of the TRC issuing its final report, KAIROS will be hosting Mass Blanket Exercise in public locations across the country. Check out the plans at:



Promoting Restorative Justice

The Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC) serves as a shining light for restorative approaches to justice and corrections. Learn more at http://ccjc.ca/. Read the ELCIC statement on the Criminal Justice and Correctional Systems in Canada at http://elcic.ca/Documents/documents/CriminalJusticeMotionFINAL.pdf



9. Spirited Discipleship Updates



National Youth Project: Right to Water

Living Justice - Life Giving Waters is a new resource exploring the theme of water through biblical reflection and activities. It was prepared by the Youth Council of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), ELCIC's partner for the National Youth Project. The resource includes a challenge to share insights through social media. It will soon be posted on the following link: http://elcic.ca/Youth/RightToWater.cfm.


10. Healthy Church Updates


Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee (FOD)

The Faith, Order and Doctrine (FOD) Committee has gathered papers from ELCIC scholars around the matter of ordered ministry and with particular attention to diakonia and diaconal ministry. FOD met in March to begin its face-to-face work and will meet again in May - this time with members of the diaconal ministry community. Work has begun to create an ELCIC Study Guide on Orders of Ministry for use beginning in the fall.


Ecumenical and Interfaith Study at Bossey

The World Council of Churches offers some terrific continuing education opportunities for ELCIC rostered ministers. Most of these are offered at the Bossey Institute (near Geneva, Switzerland).but there are exceptions. Look for the forthcoming Pastoral Challenges to Sharing the Faith in a Multi-cultural and Multi-faith World, August 14-31, 2016.


Detailed information is available on the Bossey website:



Interfaith Curriculum Resources

The Scarboro Missions, a Canadian Roman Catholic mission society, maintains an excellent repository of curriculum, do-it-yourself workshops and educational resources for interfaith and multi-faith work. Much of it is accessible to Lutherans and could help to undergird interfaith refugee resettlements efforts in the ELCIC.


To access Scarboro Mission's resources, please click here.



11. Effective Partnerships Updates


Waterloo Ministries Directory

The Spring 2016 edition of the Waterloo Ministries Directory is being prepared with scores of changes great and small. Produced by the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission (JALC), the Directory lists ministries where Anglicans and Lutherans are working together and takes its name from the “Waterloo Declaration” which saw Canadian Anglicans and Lutherans enter a full-communion relationship in a celebration at Waterloo, Ontario.  Watch for the Waterloo Ministries Directory coming sometime this May.


JALC on Facebook: www.facebook.com/JALC.Canada


CLWR: EMERGENCY: Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in 50 years.

Your support is needed now to prevent hunger

It's a humanitarian crisis few have heard about in North America, yet it has been classified at the highest level of humanitarian emergency, along with the war in Syria. No rain has put more than 10 million people at risk for starvation in Ethiopia, and an estimated 400,000 children are at risk of developing severe acute malnutrition, which can lead to stunting, and physical and mental delays in development. Canadian Lutheran World Relief is working with trusted aid agencies on the ground to provide Ethiopian families with food now. Your support also helps provide the supplies and infrastructure they need to produce food when the rains do come. Please donate today to provide food and livelihood supports for those affected by hunger: http://clwr.donorshops.com/product/F669712/ethiopiadroughtappeal.php


Read more about the crisis on CBC News: Ethiopia faces worst drought in 50 years, UN warns: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ethiopia-drought-warning-1.3418321


CLWR: Canadian Lutheran World Relief Annual Report

See your support at work. The 2014-15 Annual Report of CLWR is available on their website now: http://bit.ly/1SbDKQQ



12. Canada Lutheran Wants Your Ideas and More


Photos for in sight
in sight is a new feature that explores our church through photos of our art, architecture, activities and people. Send your photos (high resolution, at least 300 dpi please) to editor@elcic.ca with in sight in the subject line.


Get Connected Through Canada Lutheran

From progressive ministries to practical spiritual guidance, Canada Lutheran introduces readers to people and ideas that will provide discussion and connect them to their home congregations, the National Church, and our global ministries - helping our members live their lives In Mission for Others.


A Congregational Subscription Plan (CSP) to Canada Lutheran is your best way to stay connected. For your congregational subscription, please contact your respective Canada Lutheran representative. To get your church started on a congregational subscription and for individual subscriptions, please contact Barb Wiebe at canaluth@elcic.ca



13. Tell Your Story

Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to communique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!



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