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1. CLAY 2018 National Planning Committee Youth Positions Available



The National Planning Committee for CLAY 2018 is seeking two youth who would like to be part of the planning team! Interested youth can apply by filling out the form found through this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018CLAYyouthapplication. Application deadline is October 11, 2016. Youth must be available to attend the first planning meeting in London, ON from Nov. 17-20, 2016. The committee is looking for individuals who are passionate about being involved in youth ministry and have previously attended a CLAY event.



2. Breakfast Gathering on Mental Healthcare - October 20



As celebrities increasingly speak in public about their struggles with anxiety and depression, the stigma around mental health issues is slowly receding. And Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, with its long history of educating students in the field of spiritually integrated psychotherapy (formerly known as pastoral counselling), continues its work strengthening the emotional and spiritual well-being of church members and the broader community.


To further the seminary’s work, the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre, an outreach project of the seminary, is holding a gala breakfast on Thursday, Oct. 20, to forge closer ties with professionals working in the mental health field. The potential guest list includes mental health workers, politicians, lawyers and police. Dr. Kenneth Pargament, a clinical therapist and professor emeritus at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, will share his stories and insights on the bond between spiritual beliefs and mental health. Everyone is welcome. For details and/or to register, please see the flyer or contact the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre. Registration deadline is Monday, Oct. 10.



3. Be Part of a Network Interested in Issues of Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice


The ELCIC is seeking to create a network of members who are interested in issues of criminal justice and restorative justice. Network members will receive periodic updates on resources available and may be invited to give input on this area of work.


If you are interested in being part of this network, please contact Rev. Paul Gehrs, Assistant to the Bishop for Justice and Leadership at pgehrs@elcic.ca. In July 2015, the ELCIC National Convention adopted a Resolution on the Criminal Justice and Correctional Systems in Canada. For more information, please click on the following link:



4. Luther College Chaplaincy


Photo credit: Luther College


Luther College on the University of Regina Campus kicked off the chaplaincy with an event to welcome the new school year and greet its roster of peer chaplains. The college's chaplaincy offers worship on campus and support to its various community events. To find out more on this year's group of peer chaplains, please click here or you can visit their webpage for information on services, future events and more.



5. Reformation 2017


Young Preachers Wanted for LWF Twelfth Assembly in 2017

Last chance! The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is offering a young pastor the chance to preach at the Twelfth Assembly at Windhoek, Namibia next year. The Preaching Contest is open to ordained Lutheran pastors born after May 1984. This sermon will be delivered at the closing worship of the May 10-16 Assembly. The ELCIC has some great young preachers! The application deadline is October 31, 2016. Go for it and/or recommend this to a friend or colleague!


Promotional Video: LWF Twelfth Assembly Preaching Contest

LWF Twelfth Assembly: Preaching Contest


Reformation 2017 Themes and Goals

The ELCIC has marked out 2015-2017 to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (2017). We have adopted the The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)'s themes and goals to commemorate the Reformation. The overall theme is Liberated by God's Grace with three sub-themes: (1) Salvation - Not for Sale!; (2) Human Beings - Not for Sale!; and (3) Creation - Not for Sale! The goals are (1) to strengthen communion among member churches; (2) to explore our Lutheran identity; (3) to strengthen ecumenical commitment; and (4) to reaffirm our commitment to justice and peace. These themes and goals were prominent in the 2016 synod conventions and assemblies, and were captured in our joint Anglican-Lutheran national youth and worship gatherings. These will come to life in 2016 Advent devotions and at our 2017 National Convention.


Click on any of the following resources:

Reformation themes-




Not for Sale! - Youth Gathering- http://www.claygathering.ca/


Take the Reformation Challenge!

ELCIC members are encouraged to give expression to being Liberated by God's Grace through the ELCIC Reformation Challenge. Our goals are to:


  • Sponsor 500 refugees to Canada
  • Provide 500 scholarships for ELCJHL schools
  • Plant 500,000 trees in Canada, Palestine and Ethiopia
  • Give $500,000 to the LWF Endowment Fund


To date ELCIC members have made the following commitments to the Reformation Challenge:



Let us know your commitment by telling us what you, your congregation, your family and your community pledge to do. Please click here to get more information on how to get started!


Together in Christ - An Ecumenical Commemoration of the Reformation

In January 2017, at the conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the five-session guide,Together in Christ will be released. The Study Guide was created by a Working Group of the ELCIC and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).The Working Group is encouraging Lutherans and Catholics to commemorate the Reformation together. We invite you to knock on your Catholic neighbour's door and schedule a joint study for five weeks in 2017. Lent would be ideal!


Before and after Reformation Day 2017, regional ecumenical Together in Christ Reformation commemorations are being planned using Common Prayer (see next item). Look for events in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Sudbury, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Lunenburg. There will likely be others, too!


From Conflict to Communion: http://www.lutheranworld.org/content/resource-conflict-communion-basis-lutheran-catholic-commemoration-reformation-2017


Reformation Day 2016 Joint Commemoration

This October (2016), The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)

and Vatican will host an ecumenical commemoration in Lund, Sweden, where the LWF was founded in 1947. The Commemoration will be led by Pope Francis, and LWF’s President, Bishop Munib Younan, and General Secretary, Dr. Martin Junge. The service in the Lund Cathedral will be live-streamed. Follow the live-stream in a parish study group and consider inviting Catholic parishes to join you: www.lutheranworld.org/content/joint-commemoration-livestream


Lund Commemoration:


Common Prayer.https://www.lutheranworld.org/content/joint-common-prayer-lutheran-catholic-common-commemoration-reformation-2017


Reformation Theme Reflections

Here’s some great continuing ed material! Theological reflections for study groups are contained in four booklets which are the work of authors and scholars from across our global Communion of Churches. Topics include the migration of peoples (including refugees); climate change; land expropriation; the “prosperity gospel”; and sustainable human existence. These are excellent resources for ministerial study groups and ecumenical conversations. Consider planning a fall or winter study with area colleagues!


Reformation Reflections: http://2017.lutheranworld.org/content/reflecting-131


Information on Canadian Events

We are gathering news of 2017 Reformation events. Find out more at http://www.elcic.ca/reformation2017/ . If your congregation, community or organization is planning something special for 2017, we would like to hear from you! Give us the who, what, when, where and why of what's happening. If you have any information available online, give us the link! We would like to help remind people of possibilities and assist in getting the word out. Send an email to Assistant to the Bishop for Ecumenical and Interfaith, Rev. Andre Lavergne at alavergne@elcic.ca.


Helpful links:

ELCIC Reformation 2017 Webpage: http://www.elcic.ca/Reformation2017/events.cfm

LWF Reformation 2017 Website: http://2017.lutheranworld.org/

LWF Assembly Website: http://www.lwfassembly.org/en



6. Photos Needed for ELCIC Worship Bulletin Covers


The Program Committee for Worship (PCW) of the ELCIC is calling for photographs for the bulletin series for 2016/2017. Next year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We are asking for photos of doors to churches, homes, historic and new, all reminiscent of the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg where Luther famously posted his 95 Theses that began the Reformation. For more details, please click here. Deadline for the first half of the church year is Friday October 7, 2016. Bring out your cameras and send in your photos!



7. Canada Lutheran Debuts New Columns


Have you noticed new content in Canada Lutheran, the magazine of the ELCIC?


We are always trying to bring you fresh new ideas and content, engaging you in the wider church. We have recently introduced two new areas to the magazine, including:


  • In Mission: profiling individuals from all expressions of the ELCIC who are inspiring others with their clear call to mission.
  • Of Note: quick facts, quotes and ideas. Perfect if you just want to have a quick read and great to save for later when you want to use the links and information to delve deeper.


Have you noticed these new pages? Have a comment on other areas of the magazine? We want to hear from you! Email us at editor@elcic.ca with your feedback or suggestion. Not a subscriber to Canada Lutheran? Don't miss another issue, email canaluth@elcic.ca to sign up today!


Congregational Renewal Packages Will Be Mailed Out Soon

Congregations can start thinking about their subscriptions with Canada Lutheran. Congregational renewal packages will be mailed out soon and will consist of important information regarding your congregation's subscription list; how to promote Canada Lutheran to your congregation; and more. Please watch for your renewal packages in the mail.



8. Compassionate Justice Updates


KAIROS Winds of Change: Education for Reconciliation Petition - Due by October 15

The petitions continue. KAIROS asks all provinces and territories to make age-appropriate curriculum on residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal peoples' historical and contemporary contributions to Canada, a mandatory education requirement. The petitions are in response to TRC Call to Action #62. Download the Education for Reconciliation petition specific to your province or territory from the following link: http://www.kairoscanada.org/what-we-do/indigenous-rights/windsofchange-petition . For more information on the Education for Reconciliation: Call to Action #62, please go to: http://www.kairoscanada.org/what-we-do/indigenous-rights/windsofchange-overview. Please continue to send in your petitions. It's not too late!


2016 National Conference On Ending Homelessness

The 2016 National Conference on Ending Homelessness will be held at the London Convention Centre in London, Ontario November 2 to 4, 2016. For more information, please visit: www.conference.caeh.ca .



9. Spirited Discipleship Updates


National Youth Project: Right to Water

Living Justice - Life Giving Waters is a new resource exploring the theme of water through biblical reflection and activities. It was prepared by the Youth Council of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), ELCIC's partner for the National Youth Project. The resource includes a challenge to share insights through social media. It will soon be posted on the following link: http://elcic.ca/Youth/RightToWater.cfm.


10. Healthy Church Updates


To Love Our Neighbours As Ourselves

The Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee (FOD) has released To Love our Neighbours As Ourselves: A Study on Orders of Ministry in the ELCIC. To Love our Neighbours affords the whole church an opportunity to think about diakonia - the servant-ministry of the baptized - as we collaborate to uphold God’s mission in a changing Canadian context. To Love Our Neighbours concludes with a survey in which ELCIC members are asked to help shape FOD’s September, 2017 word to National Church Council. It’s not too late to make this study part of your congregation’s fall adult learning program and to respond to the survey to help inform FOD and NCC’s work, our work!


This four-session study is available for download at: http://www.elcic.ca/FaithOrderDoctrine/.


Ecumenical Conference - Last Chance to Register!

“500 Years of Reformation: Anticipating 2017 Together” is the title of an ecumenical conference hosted by the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, October 27-29, 2016, at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon. The conference aims to bring together Christians to reflect together on our Reformation “separation” but also, and more importantly, on the tremendous work of reconciliation that has been done. As we anticipate this momentous year, we come together to understand our past and our future as reconciled disciples of Jesus. Plenary speakers include the ELCIC’s Pastor Dr. Kayko Driedger Hesslein. This is a terrific continuing education opportunity! For more details, please visit: www.pcecumenism.ca .


2017 Protestant Kirchentag in Berlin and Wittenberg

The ELCIC has been invited to send two representatives to the May 24-28, 2017, Kirchentag which will be held in Berlin and Wittenberg. Billeting can be arranged but all other costs, including travel, are borne by the participants. Admission itself is free to church representatives. Are you interested in this opportunity? Please contact alavergne@elcic.ca. For more information please visit: www.kirchentag.de/english .



11. Effective Partnerships Updates


Engage Difference! Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry



Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry (DUIM) is a 5-day interactive and engaging program with practical ideas for implementation in your own context. DUIM is for Christian ministry leaders nurturing cultural relevance, understanding, and awareness in their communities. Registration is open to anyone who is interested, or through Canadian Churches Forum partners. For more information please visit http://www.ccforum.ca/duim. Details on future programs are also available on the website.


Faith & Witness: A Podcast Exploring Ecumenism



The Canadian Council of Churches and its Commission on Faith and Witness are proud to announce the release of Faith & Witness, a podcast exploring ecumenism. Each month we will learn what happens when churches talk to each other, and about the people who have spent their lives in dialogue with Christians of other traditions.


Find the podcast on iTunes (and please subscribe, rate, and review) or at faithandwitness.libsyn.com


Share your thoughts with us! Emai communications@councilofchurches.ca .


A Helpful Online Resource and Networking Tool for Interfaith Groups

The Interfaith Resource Directory is an exciting new grassroots initiative of The Canadian Council of Churches. The Directory is an online resource and networking tool that helps interfaith groups spread the word and connect with other interfaith initiatives across the country. Is your community involved in an interfaith effort? If so, we invite you to participate by adding your group’s information. Registration takes only a few minutes. Questions? Contact Robert Smith at cirg@councilofchurches.ca .


Interfaith Resource Directory www.councilofchurches.ca/interfaith-directory .


Share Your Stories On Interfaith Work

The Canadian Council of Churches is seeking to shine a light on the interfaith work being done across Canada. If you are interested in sharing your story on the CCC website, contact Robert Smith at cirg@councilofchurches.ca . The ELCIC is represented on both the Canadian Interfaith Conversation and the CCC’s Canadian Interfaith Reference Group.


Canadian Interfaith Conversation www.interfaithconversation.ca/

Canadian Interfaith Reference Group www.councilofchurches.ca/interfaith/


CLWR: Fort McMurray Wildfire Appeal Update


Photo credit: Henry Visscher


The moment word of the destructive potential of the Fort McMurray wildfire hit the news earlier this year, Canadian Lutheran World Relief was flooded with support to provide relief for those who were affected by the fire. Thank you for your generous and compassionate response! Your support will be crucial in helping Fort McMurray residents rebuild and resettle after this life-altering event. Please click here to read more.


You're Invited to Be Part CLWR's 70th Anniversary Quilt



This year is our 70th anniversary and you're invited to help us celebrate! Through our We Care program, we're inviting all church groups and individuals to be part of creating an anniversary quilt! Click here to learn how you can contribute to the quilt.


CLWR: Gifts From The Heart

This Christmas, choose a gift that will save and change lives around the world. Watch for your Gifts from the Heart catalogue at your church or in your mailbox this October. You can visit www.clwr.org/GFTH any time to choose your gifts online!



12. Tell Your Story


Do you have a story to share about the work of your congregation In Mission for Others that you would like to see in a future issue of E-Communique? Send your brief story and a picture to communique@elcic.ca and be featured in an upcoming issue!



13. Share These Resources


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